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Share buy back option under section 95A - hmmm - 09-20-2009

can anyone explain the amendment in the company ordinance in the sec 95A. Its overall effect? and reason also?

- Star - 09-30-2009


You have quoted the section number as 95A. It means you very well know about CO1984. Please read yourself first then ask any question. We shall surely help you to understand and clear the concepts.



- danishayub_76 - 10-26-2009

Dear HMMMM..

Please give the details of your query with regard to 95/a CO1984, i will try to give you details.

- hmmm - 10-27-2009

previously company cannot re purchase its share. and cannot help any person. i dont know exact reason why he cant buy back his share. may be through this he can control the value of shares.(i dont know about the stock exchange conditions actualy. i am just making assumptions.)
now he can buy back his share. it can be beneficial for company.he can increase his equity by issuing more share. and can also control the market?

It may be wrong.(99% chances)