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- awaisaftab - 09-30-2009

M.Sc in Accounting and Finance is same like MBA in Accounts and Finance.
CA, CIMA, ACMA and ACCA are professional accounting qualifications while MBA and M.Sc are not professiona accounting degrees.

- Osama Rules - 09-30-2009


hmm,i understand ur point!!

well thanks for replying.

now i would like even others to post their views plzz!!


- rabia-k - 09-30-2009

ok ,
replace that with post graduates.

- Osama Rules - 10-01-2009


but majority of ACA students are not post graduates so one cannot replace it with ur previous post..

yar common people reply!!


- rabia-k - 10-01-2009

no you can , its not impossible. one can get exemptions from some modules of ICAEW on basis of their MSc or MBA.

- Osama Rules - 10-01-2009


That's not what i meant!
Anways forget it & let's focus on the primary question!!

People plzz answer it.

- ACCAite - 10-01-2009

Mr Tariq.

I lived in Jeddah for seven years, the rest in Riyadh. It was ok, apart from the obvious....the locals .... ) that i am sure is well understood by those living in arabian countries )

thats very nice. How would you say the market is for ACCAs in KSA at the moment?

- tariqsohail - 10-01-2009

Dear ACCAite,

I think it's not good we discuss ACCA and our stuff on this thread because may be Osama brother will be angry.

ACCA holding good share in Saudi Arabian market but truely speaking in Saudi Arabian market USA qualifications holding more benefits as compare to other countries.


- Osama Rules - 10-02-2009


Na,i don't mind it!

Anyways no one else is replying either way!!!


- awaisaftab - 10-02-2009

There is difference between Professional and academic qualification. All professional qualifications are considered as certification so equivalent status is awarded to those who have professional qualification in accounts.

- Osama Rules - 10-03-2009


So what u r saying is that ACA would be far better than MSC right?

Anyways thanks for replying,i appreciate it.


- tariqsohail - 10-03-2009

Dear Osama,

Not able to understand your conclusion.


- tariqsohail - 10-03-2009

Thanks for editing your reply.


- Osama Rules - 10-03-2009


No problem!!


- Osama Rules - 10-04-2009


Ok people here is one more!

In terms of international context according to u which one is the best especially for gulf?
6)others,plzz specify.

Do reply. [8D]