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- tariqsohail - 10-08-2009

Dear Osama,

I was sepaking in terms of your benefit otherwise I don't have any sissue even if you ask 1000 questions.


- Osama Rules - 10-08-2009


Yes i know that u were saying that for my benefit exclusively,& i fully appreciate it & understands it as mentioned earlier!!

Thanks. [)]

- Osama Rules - 10-10-2009


ICAEW has over 132000 members so does this mean that it is the second largest accountancy institution in the world??

I am asking this one again as i did'nt get reply yet!!


- rizla86 - 10-11-2009

Regarding the original question I feel it is always better to go for a professional qualification rather than a postgraduation degree in Accounting. MSc is more research based while ACA is more practical, hence in the accounting field employers will prefer ACA's.

btw, I lived in Jeddah for the first 16 years of my life. inshallah intend to return to work there someday.

- Osama Rules - 10-11-2009


It was nice to hear from u!!

So what r u doing these days dude??


- rizla86 - 10-12-2009

I'm doing ACCA and I have 5 papers left. I've almost completed a year of my PER at a small audit firm. And I hope to get into a big firm when I'm an affiliate.

- Osama Rules - 10-12-2009


Good enough!!

Best wishes.