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Need Affiliate Firms in Lahore & Karachi - aamersikandar - 02-20-2004

Hi Members
We are a newly established business consultancy firm in Multan under name and style of Aamer Sikandar & Co. We have local collaboration of CAs, ACMAs, Phd Professors of business & management and research scholars. We are looking forwrd for affiliation of similar business consulting firms (practicing in finance, strategic business planning, taxation, accounts, treasury etctera) from other cities. If you are a partner or owner of a similar firm in any other city or an individual (ACMA, ACCA or ACA qualified) who can represent us, we shall be pleased to have you as our affiliate. Please remember that affiliates are not our employees or partners, but paid on basis of work received or deligated to them. For further details about us and for opting into affiliate status please visit us at

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Aamer Sikandar

- XBRL - 02-20-2004

It is gr8 to see young ppl exploring various arenas of our profession but i need a clarification from senior members regarding the advertisement on this site. Is it recomended, permitted or unnoticed.