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Important tie-ups with other organizations - coberts - 10-29-2009

LoanMax has tied up with a prominent broad based network service provider to enable its customers to dial into their Phone Banking Unit from anywhere in the United States at the charge of a local call. With this launch, LoanMax’s phone banking service in the country will be available to over 100,000 customers across 17 locations, thus increasing the over all phone banking coverage to more than 80 locations across the country.

The bank has launched an online payment facility, for bill payment in association with a prominent telecom service provider, in some parts of the country. LoanMax has a tie-up with a telecom provider that has operations all over the country so that the customers can feel at home in areas where LoanMax doesn’t have operations. The bank has also tied up with the railway catering service and also some of the tourism corporations to offer online rail bookings to the net banking customers. Some of the small banks are now sharing their respective ATMs jointly with LoanMax for providing services to the customers of both the banks.

Thus, LoanMax has assimilated the entire developments in the financial sector with ease. Few other financing firms in the United States can claim such a credit. Literally speaking, Rod Aycox had one eye on the new developments in the financial sector and another one on the proper management of his firm. This professional approach has helped him to reap more dividends.