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The ill fated citizens of this country have rightly focused their eyes towards to new born judiciary that it is the only organ after armed forces who will protect the country. It is quite right that universally it is the sole domain of the legislators to enact laws to protect the country but it is also a fact where the main responsible remains for certain obvious reasons “sleeping” then why can not say the judiciary act or do? If my neighbour house catches a fire while he is out, why can not I try to control the fire? After all if not controlled the same will soon reach my home too. Why should I remain as a silent spectator on the ground that controlling fire is the official duty of the Fire Brigade which is not reaching timely. Without going in detail as I know not merely the learned judges but even the common reader will understand what and why I wish to request to. When a foreigner (eg a Pakistani) gets the US nationality he takes oath of complete loyalty for his new adopted home which in simple unwritten words paints that in case the US for any reason at any time is at war against such a person’s native motherland, he the new US citizen would fight with US against his old native home (in this case Pakistan). We have Pakistani origin US nationals every where as Ambassadors, as PMs, as legislators etc. As a citizen I pray His Lordship the Chief Justice of Pakistan that taking suo moto notice he may do something that in future anyone having foreign or dual nationality is not assigned or appointed in any Government related job in Pakistan eg ambassador, legislators, advisers, consultant etc. From a person who has taken such an oath if anyone of us expects even the remotest good for our motherland he is the biggest fool.