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working capital - ramykandel - 11-02-2009

dear all ,
this is my first time in this respectable site , i have a idea ....

[<font face="Comic Sans MS">b]everyone have any knowledge concerning accounting write it as question and if we know the answer response if not follow up till the right answer find

<font color="purple">the question </font id="purple">
<font color="red">what is the difference between the working capital and the net working capital ?</font id="red">

ramy kandel
BR [/b] </font id="Comic Sans MS">

- danishayub_76 - 11-04-2009


Working capital or gross working capital is a sum of current assets only, while on the other hand net working capital is difference of current assets and current liabilities which may represent deficiency/deficit.


- danishayub_76 - 11-12-2009

What is the difference between Fund & Reserves.