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career guidness - atiq100 - 11-04-2009

<font color="black"><font size="3"><font face="Arial">hello,anyone give me a better suggestion about my future. i am doing the MBA from U.S.A.

my future plans i am doing the CFA.
CFA is better for me.


plz reply.</font id="Arial"></font id="size3"></font id="black">

- yasir_live - 11-04-2009

yaar zara USA ka VISA to bhijwa, Dono Bhai sath main CFA karain gay!!! Kya khayal hay ?

- yasir_live - 11-04-2009

Anywayz, Yes CFA is better option.

Also you can go for CPA, As you are also residing in USA, so it will be more beneficiary for u.

gud Luk.