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ACCA-MSc Student. Need suggestion - totaltasch - 11-14-2009

Salam all,

I have completed my ACCA Fundamentals level and will be completing my MSc. Fin & Acc from UK by Mar 2010 insha Allah. For those who are familiar with PSW(Post Study Work) Visa, can you guide me as to what to do next? I have LOTS of options at the moment.
1) Get PSW and look for job in UK (Chances are bleak given the present economic situation)
2) Come back to Pak and get an year's experience and then apply for PSW.
3) Go to UAE to look for a job and then come back to UK.

I have internship experience in a large UK Travel company but it's for three months only. I could have done six months but couldn't cuz of some reason.

Anyway I anxiously await sound suggestions.

Thank you,
Syed Aun.

- login2000me - 11-17-2009

totaltasch i will suggest you to stay in uk and get some practical experience. Chances of a good job without any experience (apart of internship) in Pakistan are not bright now a days. I think UAE market is fruitful only good for Experienced persons. any other suggestion by other member will be welcomed. I have also done Msc Acc & Fin but still looking for job. Off course each person has own views but i will suggest you not to come to Pakistan just for gaining practical experience

- Osama Rules - 11-18-2009



- login2000me - 11-18-2009

moreover I personally think that you will find more options in UK rather in Pakistan. Pakistani market is about to be saturated regarding Accountants (not talking about ACCA, CA, ACMA and likes but about Accountants having, Msc and Bachelor degress with Accounts as major)