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Mail of a Khalistani Friend - Muhammad Amir - 12-11-2009

Mail of a Khalistani friend to me; Sikhs want independance from terrorist Indian state.


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- kamranACA - 12-12-2009


Sikh is the nation that has always been used historically against others by the motivators. These motivators had mainly been Hindus.

It can be called a good strategy to promote the idea of Khalistan the way we did. However, it had been a closed chapter and nothing more. If there is anymore expectation, it is merely an output of the memories of some "good" days when Raigon's Fiqah (Naoozbillah) was being followed by Pakistani leaders.

One further thing, sikhs had never been friends for muslims and specially when Pakistan comes into question. Your so-called Khalistani friend referred Guru Gobind Jee's name. I just wish you to study the history of Guru Gobind Jee. Decision making will become quite easier and simpler.

It is the time to come out of illusions like this. It's the time to save Baluchistan where same strategy is followed by India, instead of singing anthems of Khalistan, which strategy has been failed since long.



- Muhammad Amir - 12-12-2009

I know Guru Gobind Singh Jee have fought against Ahmed Shah Abdali, I also know how sikhs massacred Muslims when they were migrating from India but despite all these acts of sikhs, there is a question of moral standing. If sikhs want independence from Hindu occupation then there is nothing wrong is this, they are just asking for their right and we have to moraly and to some extent militarily support their movement.

In whole of its history, india has never been an state ruled by a particular ideology or a group of people, it is and has been ethnically very diversified region where Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Socialists and Hindus lived and ruled their controlled territories for centuries. Even in Muslim rulership only Emperor Babar was the one who ruled almost whole Indian territory but at that time he never forced anyone from minority to follow his religion, nor he massacred minorities like Hindus of India are doing nowadays against Christians of Nagaland, Muslims of Assam, Socilists of Naxalbar and Dalits and Sikhs.

According to my views Khalistan is not a dead movement, it is still alive. I have recently read an article where a Sikh freedom fighter wrote that we have neither forgotten, not forgiven 1984 massacre. It is your choice if you do not want to believe me but in past, when I was saying that Taliban of Afghanistan can never be defeated, no one is ready to accept that and even you said that it is not possible for Afghan Taliban to defeat Americans but now you are seeing the worsening situation of Afghanistan and how Afghan Taliban are advancing towards Kabul, even they are now controlling northern parts of Afghanistan which used to be the base camp of Ahmed Shah Massod and his compatriots. At some other occasion, I said that American CIA will force and will use every tactic to remove Ahmedi Najad and will install Khatmi and his cohorts in presidency but even at that time you were not prepared to believe this but it has proved in future days that how Americans intervened in election process of Iran. Anyway, Khalistan is not a dead movement, how can the relatives of martyers of 1984 riots forget their lovedones, who were killed brutally by Hindu government.

As for Regan's Fiqh, I understad what you are trying to say and I have tens of time said that at that time interests of Pakistan and Americans were alligned. So, it was nothing wrong if we were working in co-ordination with Americans and as General Hamid Gul usually says that Americn help was just the "Ghaibe Imdad" of Allah to Pakistan and Afghan Mujahedeens and by the way, raigon's Fiqah has nothing to do with Pakistan's Khalistan support.

Beat Regards,

- kamranACA - 12-13-2009


Taliban were always said to be doing nothing but to create a reason for US to enter this region. So they have done this job well for their lords. They are among those who contributed maximum in giving a bad fame to muslims. We have discussed it, you never accepted and now it is worldly known. It has always been proved. They were, are and will always be doing it for their benefits. Let's see the future. All the prominant Taliban people had been visiting USA, working there and living there.

I once told you that in this era defeat does not carry the meaning which we witnessed in ancient times, so, correct your record. No body needs to throw atom bombs at all. One can only attack you, punish you, loot your resources, get access to all info and systems, bifurcate u for ages, weaken u, achieve allied and hidden objectives in the region, and leave you in a situation where you will always be in a position to start an un-ending salavry.

USA's target is not specifically known execpt that they wanted to control this region directly, so they are doing. What else they will need? Do you feel they had any interest in the people's welfare at afghanistan? Certainly not! Their goals have been done with and what else you can expect out of it.
Whether or not USA's intrusion was drama or a genuine fight, terror has logically to be crushed. Whether or not it was a combined stage play of US and Taliban, ultimately US has done what it wished.

They are roaming on the roads and streets of all muslim region, threat your citizens directly, your police and law enforcers are their slaves, they say they are not bound to obey your laws at your region. They operate drones at your region and airports using contracted black water ghundaas and none of you can stoip them. Who knows what are the all objectives of US attack on afghans. What else success and empowerment you want to see? Do you want more? I hope you are not among those who provided a plateform and who want more than it.

I have been telling you that our interiors have been sold to them, our faiths are dramas, our claims are fradulent, we are based on JAHALAT, dishonesty, misunderstanding, over estimation, state of denial, untruthfullness and illusions.

I wonder if there is any other defeat. If taliban are reverting then do you feel it is taliban's bravery? Pak forces attacked wazeeristan and US/NATO forces left checkposts adjoining to this area. Do you feel it is some achievement of taliban. We need to be rational and sensible.

Still there is a time for us as a nation to try understanding the facts. Otherwise no one will save you from this dragon.

As far as Khalistan is concerned, carry on your hopes if these provide you some moments of pleasure. To me this makes no difference. I believe Khalistan's chapter has been closed. Time will prove it.

Yes, for us, it is certainly a time to save Baluchistan and Pakistan. We need not to worry about Khalistan. We have no intimacy for sikhs in this regard. For me hindu and sikh are same. If you have intimacy with sikhs, then I personally don't have any objection on it.



- Muhammad Amir - 12-13-2009

Dear Kamran Sahib, please try to consider Taliban on two different axes. I am just talking about Afghan Taliban and certainly not these Israeli/Indian agent TTP of south waziristan and swat, TTP has no contribution in Afghan Jihad, it is armed and equipped to launch a wave of terrorism in Pakistan by our enemies, however, Afghan taliban are something different, they are not hostile to Pakistan. Anyway, in my humble opinion, USA has achieved nothing in Afghanistan. They are now talking to Mullah Omer under the arbitration of Al-Jazairi citizen Anas Malik, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. I have read somewhere that Obama is soon going to annouce his exit strategy in Afghanistan. I wonder how can you conclude this as victory of USA or defeat of Afghan Taliban. One of my friend who is working in kabul in kabul based Pakistani company, called me recently, he told me that he himself seen American troops weeping after watching the movies of their family members on their pods, he further said that he has seen Taliban in Kabul too, which means Taliban are present in kabil too.

You can disagree with Taliban for thousands of reasons but at least, in my humble opinion, they can never be alleged for working on USA's agenad. I am facing difficulty in understanding that how can you allege them for providing ground to USA for its invasion on Afghanistan? It is true that Taliban had implemented extreme version of Islam in Afghanistan but it was the need of time and they were compelled to do that. Taliban have made so many mistakes in their era and for which they are paying now and they will have to pay more in future but I am hopeful that once they kick Americans out of Afghanistan, they will certainly review their policies and they I am hopeful that the world will see a new, a relitively moderate version of Taliban - I am hopeful.

Moreover, USA had five or 6 grand strategic objectives in this part of the world. Afghanistan, if you see, is a country having border sharing with Pakistan, China, Iran and Russia. So, I call Afghanistan a "Strategic Jack Pot" for all foriegn invaders, be it Halaku Khan, Changeez Khan, Brits, Soviets or Americans. Americans want to

1) De-Nuclearize Pakistan (which they didn't achieve till now and they can never achieve Insha Allah)

2) De-Militarize Pakistan (they attempted so but they are unsuccesful till now)

3) Cutting Balochistan from Pakistan (It is also a failed attempt, it can never happen. Insha Allah)

4) Igniting an Islamic insurgency in China by arming Ughurs of East Turkistan Islamic Movement, ETIM have been neutralized by China with the help of Pakistan.

5) Igniting sectarian violance in Iran, it has also been a failed attempt.

6) Formation of Greater Middle East through their influence in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have been defeated in both countries, so there is no question of Greater Middle East. The plan of Greater Middle East is sinking in Euphrates.

7) Controlling centeral asian trade routes, they are unsuccesfull here too.

So, based on these analysis I can conclude that America has achieved nothing in Afghanistan.

- kamranACA - 12-13-2009


We have been living in fool's paradise since ages. What goes wrong if it continues for a further two hundred years.

Just go back to the pre-taliban times and let me know how was the over all picture of muslim world. If you get to such a snap then compare it with post taliban regime. If this is the outcome of so-called talibanization, be it Pakistani or Afghani, then this is the most hatable part of our history.

I wonder how can you say Pakistani taliban had no connection with Afghani talibans. You should learn the history of Mullah Omer and emergence of taliban. You should try to probe wherefrom these taliban were created.

Convincing you is not my duty. If it has been an easier task, we could have succeeded transforming the mindset of masses so far.

Taliban is a well discussed subject and I need not to make big points. Time has proved and will prove.

I cannot tell you what exactly were the US objectives of intrusion. However, to me, they have destroyed Iraq (koi kasar reh gai hai kia), they have pushed Afghans 200 years back in dark age, they have shaked our roots, they have changed Qibla of Pakistan, we forgot India and are now so busy in fighting back our own cultivated terror, (let me assure you we have forgot India. Tum ko yaad hai tu kia faraq parta hai), they have created plateform to destroy Iran as well (Allah karey Iran isko manage kar lay. But I fear because Saddam had quite similar claims as Iran currently has).

In short they have shaken us, our economies, our systems, our faiths and trusts on each other. They have caused brothers to kill brothers and there is no solution. We are killing our generations by our hands. They do whatever they want in our region. They are very much on our neaclear assets. Khushfehmi hamaari beemaari hai.

Issue was of Khalistan, so to conclude, I must say just forget it and take care of your Baluchistan and your Pakistan.



- Rogue Agent - 12-15-2009


I have been informed by well informed sources that Khalistani sikhs are considering opting suicide attacks strategy in India because Khalistani sikhs are inspired with the strategy Teherk Taliban Pakistan opted. God forbide if anything like that happens because lots of inocent hindus will be killed like insects, once the relatives of martyers of 1984 decided to operate in that way. I think at that time India will need the assistance of Pakistan Army to develop coping strategy against sikhs because Pakistan Army possesses specialist skills in fighting rag tag insurgencies but for this India need to maintain good relations with Pakistan and stop meddling in Pakistan which its notorious agencies are doing in Baluchistan and Northern parts.

Rogue Agent