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What to do now - aimaad22 - 12-22-2009

Ive completed 10 ACCA papers and now awaiting results of the last 4.

My plan is to complete ACCA then start training as a CA intern. But even if I pass my exams this time, the result is in late February and I dont know what to do till then.

Im not under any delusions and know I should be taking any kind of experience I can get. I dont expect big money, I'd be willing to work for anything in fact.

Exactly what kind of firms can I apply to? And will anyone take me considering my plans above? Do I just go to firms and ask them? Exactly how do you go about the process?

Ive thought about teaching, you know like O/A levels or CAT. But then Im not sure if even they'd take me seeing as I have no experience.

Any advice? What can I do with this time?

- shakilicma76 - 12-24-2009


First complete ACCA and wait for result.

Don't do anything unless you ACCA qualified.

Complete one degree then move to others.

"A man do all thing at one time, he can not do anything".


- aimaad22 - 12-30-2009

Yes you are correct, but thats just what Im asking about. Getting experience is part of qualifying for ACCA. Cant get the degree without that can I?

- Osama Rules - 12-31-2009


My advice to you would be to start internship as soon as you get a chance,make your resume & start hunting...