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LG New 3D HD Wireless TV - maqszaman - 01-09-2010

LG has launched a new 3D high defination wireless TV that is thinest TV in the world. LG will launch commercial sale of the TV after a few years becuase the infrastructure is not fully avaiable not even in USA/Canada/Japan markets.

- Toronto_Boy - 01-09-2010

To kia chashma (viewing glasses) bhi layna hoga.[8D]

- maqszaman - 01-09-2010

Yes, many pairs of the glasses will come with the set. However, LG is trying to use halogenations technique which can be used without glasses.

- Toronto_Boy - 01-09-2010

What..... hallucination techniques...

Just kidding.


- maqszaman - 01-09-2010

Yes You are right hallucination techniques. Thanks for correction.

- Dard - 01-30-2010

Glasses for a tv???