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Fraud Messages: Be Cautious - Toronto_Boy - 01-14-2010


- Sitara - 01-14-2010


I get so much mails like that but, I dont reply any of them. Its fake dont belive and dont waste your precious time in reading this kind of mails.

Thank you Toronto-Boy for posting it.

- yasir_live - 01-14-2010

Thank You Anam Naz for your precious advice.

- Toronto_Boy - 01-14-2010

The reason of posting link of this article was not to be bothered to reply, but to be aware and make others arround you to be aware and informed about the changing ways of frauds. As a students of financial studies, we should try to explain other people arround us about fraud schemes like Alliance, taj company, double shah etc. which happened in past and caused miseries for many.

Greed, lack of understanding of business matters, overly ambitious expectations, and trust diminishes ability to take prudent decisions. It has already stripped away hard earned savings of even educated people in our country.

Thus, passing information and educating people about fraud schemes is the objective of author of linked article.