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Couldnt Do Masters: What should I do now? - salihassanzaidi - 01-28-2010


i am Ali hassan,i have done
due to some reasons i wasn't able to apply in MASTERS this year,
i m free these days searching job,just help me where should i apply?
should i do MA Private? should i wait and spoil my time for 4 months and than apply in MBA?????????

and i heard that BIZTEK is offering year MBA? Rest of the universities are offering 3+ year MBA?
which one would be good for me?


regards ali hassan

- Sitara - 01-28-2010


You should apply for internship in any bank or in multinational company...

- Dard - 01-29-2010

I never heard of a 3years MBA. Go for MBA. Degree awarding University really does matter in Pakistan. A good advice was given by naz, apply for an internship till you take admission in MBA. But don't waste your time

- yasir_live - 01-29-2010

Congargs on finishing your Bcom. if U like to start gaining Professionalism go for JOB as Assistant Accountant to gain real time experience. However if U like to keep yourself busy and focussed on Studies Go for CAT. U will be exemped in initial 2 papers on basis of your Bcom, With this U will be able to finish CAT in one year. So after one year when U start MBA U will have BCOM and reputed Certification also.

Best of LuK.

- shani420 - 02-02-2010

as u have completed Bcom.U can start pipfa.U can get 5 paper exemption out of 10.Just pass last 5 papers(even though papers r not just a piece of cake) and then write a thesis and get a 4 years BBA(HONS) degree from University of Central Punjab.After this u can go for any MBA.

- salihassanzaidi - 02-12-2010

MR OR MIS DARD bro kon si dunia mein ho app?
according to hec now credt hours of MBA for a have been increased and now MBA takes abt 3 years to complete.

- salihassanzaidi - 02-12-2010

there is less chance of being hired if we dont hve a source.dts wt i hve observed so far?

- salihassanzaidi - 03-08-2010

can anyone tell me from which institute PIPFA in khi?