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What makes one "Boring"? - Re-Edited - TheOne - 05-12-2003

If accountants were boring, you could see every accountant carrying a "Drill Machine" at his/her shoulders every now & then. Perhaps largest boring people are Oil Companies engineers or Tube well installers. Also, there are Miners who have created numerous huge bores into the Earth. I've also seen at times that plumbers & even electricians become quite quick boring things. Obviously, it's the "Drill Machine" that makes you boring, if you've got one. Now, how can accountants be the most "Boring" people??? So, unless you're cought red handed with a drill machine in your hands, don't let anybody declare you "Boring".....and also neither try to "Bore" anybody nor let anyone to "Bore" you. Whether it's skull or your knee, never try to get them closer to any type of drill machine i.e. the "Boring Thing". Yet another bore in body can lead to many types of death. It's terrorism. So, let's fight against boring people and boring things...and let's fight against terrorism.

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