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Post Articles Strategy - noman - 02-17-2010

Here is a question..and its applicable to atleast 60% of students..

Articles completed
Module E (2 or 3 papers cleared)


1.whether to start searching for job immediatly?
2.To give one attempt with full concentration sitting at home (not applying for job)

3.Apply for job and start studying at the same time..

what approach should be followed??

- Schuaeb - 02-17-2010

I think the answer of the question lies in the timing of completion of articles. I mean that if the articles are completed single or couple of months earlier then the date of coming attempt, then, in my opinion sitting in home and devouting whole of your time for studies is advisable. In other circumstances I don't find giving one attempt with full concentration sitting at home (not applying for job)recommendable. Though a number of students do it however I seldom have seen fruition of this six months studies saga at home. Different things are true for different students and in my case I find no correlation between the size of exam leave and the probability of passing.

- Dard - 02-17-2010

Once the articles are completed, i would advise to sit at home and fully concentrate on exams

- Mahtab - 02-18-2010

Once the articles are completed, i would advise to sit at home and fully concentrate on exams

I am agree with you

- kamranACA - 02-19-2010

Dear student

Both strategies can be fruitful and have been seen getting success.

As another example, I remember that in my firm there was a great rush of work causing late sittings and over load of work (when I was in articles). One of our fellows felt that qualifying with overburden would be hard target. He took NOC and got entered in a very small firm and paid more attention to studies.

He qualified as per his plan before us. We all applauded that he was right and we all were wrong.

However, he was struggling for a good job as he was from a small firm. A bit later a few more (including myself) qualified and being from good practice all got well settled immediately. He was still struggling a bit. We changed our opinion and started thinking his decision was incorrect and we did "marvelous" job.

However, after sometime he got two opportunities with little intervals and he changed two jobs. In a very short span he was also at a very good position. At the moment he is working in a highly reputed listed company/group and has represented his office even internationally. This all is done by a man from too small practice (firm).

So over the time we learnt that in the longer run little issues don't count much PROVIDED you have potential, knowledge, ability and you know the art of getting you properly marketed.

This example may not be a reply to your question, yet explains that all the modalities can be successful as well as dangerous for the one preference over the other.

Predictions are only predictions and actual result can materially vary. Still if you are upto it, in the longer run, little issues don't much count.

Notwithstanding above, I would advise you what Shoaib has already advised.



- noman - 02-23-2010


i thought that the 3 choices in my questions were exhaustive..i.e covering all possible options....

shuaib saying option 1/3
other two saying option 2
kamran sb ...i dint exactly get wat u said....all the variables mentioned by you are well known to anyone....

thing is i have heard that if you start job, (before at least stdying whole module F and get bogged down and it becomes extremely difficult to start study again).....that was the reason of my question..

as far as volume of exam leave is concerned....i would like to disagree with shuaib...i think CA exam is nothing extra ordinary...its only that one needs to study fully and thoroughly....(which i personally believe is almost impossible during articles..which causes poor performance genereally)......yet thats my opinion...and i am open to more ideas.....

- Schuaeb - 02-23-2010

Noman, infact you haven't disagreed with me. Only some sort of misunderstanding. I am very much of the opinion that CA exams are nothing extraordinary and still despite having quite some time in studying with ICAP have no clue at all that why students who give considerable time to studies fail! I mean it may be the case once or twice but how come one who is studying is continuously unable to achieve desired results. 10 hours a day for 30 or 40 days is all required for Module E according to me.

Kamran sb, I too am aware of some such students who took extra pressure of studies and shifted there focus from their work to their studies (though not NOC) in the end struggled in both areas. The example you provided can be very much true and as I earlier said different things may be true for different people, I still do not find such strategy as very much advisable. And one such guy I know who appeared in two attempts after completing his training while sitting at home (one was immediately after his training) did not achieve any result. He passed one paper in his first attempt and none in the second one for which he stayed at home for six months. Though some other people can get advantage of such situation.

My exam results so far right from the beginning may be do not allow me to give suggestions on how to plan studies, still I have told what I find better.

- noman - 02-24-2010

thanks for ur input shuaib.....i appreciate that...

i would like to have ur views about the situation i mentioned para 3 (i.e. getting bogged down in job)....

- kamranACA - 02-24-2010


The purpose of my previous post was to explain that such decision is entirely personal and should be taken keeping in view personal appetite, preparation, financial situation, job offers in hand and job offers expected if currently available offers are forgone.

The example suggested that typically in the longer runs no material difference is faced PROVIDED the person qualifies under both situations. The condition of qualifying is contingent and cannot be predicted by any one else but the student his-self.

I also told you that PERSONALLY I am in favor of the course of action suggested by Shoaib.

I hope now it is bit more clear.



- noman - 02-26-2010

Ok.. i get your idea

- Schuaeb - 02-28-2010

Noman I don't have any post training work experience of more than one week though my articles have been completed for a period of around four months now.

Bogged down as you referred to may well be the case, though never means you can't restart your studies, however, yes for initial some months until you are not comfortable with your job environment there may be a complete hault. You also may have learnt from the experience of your colleagues/seniors as I did, that people seldom in our profession seems to be satisfied with their first job and so often are found complaining about the environment. Some are disturbed by the excessive work load and others due to unclear job responsibility and lack of work. Surely it will affect your study pattern at least for initial month or two.

But in the end their are so many variables and so many things to consider. I second Mr. Kamran's suggestion that this decision is totally personal and no one can better guide anyone more than himself. If I talk about my particular case even my financial situation does not push me to start a job immediately neither I have an opportunity worth missing yet due to the factor I consider that I am already very late I won't wait to start a job on account of the reason of exam preparation. Also, I believe passing exams doesn't have much correlation with it.