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Interview call from Ford Rhodes, Karachi - harounkhan - 03-31-2010

My entrance test took place on Saturday 27th March. I am wondering how long does it take for them to call for an interview? Did anybody on here who appeared for the test on that particular got a call from the HR Department yet? Cheers !!!

- masroorahmed - 04-01-2010

yeh i also took tht test ... inshalah wensoever i ll b caled ... will let u knw ...

- paradigm - 04-01-2010

I also gave the test on Saturday, will update the topic if a call is received and if anyone else receives the call please post here.

- harounkhan - 04-01-2010

Thanks guys!!! Inshallah if I get an interview call soon then I'll let you know... How did you two do in the test by the way? I didn't do well as I didn't remember most of the things. I am keeping everything crossed that I get called up for the interview soon.

- masroorahmed - 04-02-2010

well i waz nt xpecting interview call. as i m ACCA student (10/14).. but fortunately i waz caled ... thts y i waz nt prepared at all nd ths directs affect on my test ... if GOD favours me(INSHALAH) further in my interview cal i ll nt spare ths cahnce at all! well to be honest test waz nt so tough as i shud hav been >

- rafhan - 04-02-2010

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<br />yeh i also took tht test ... inshalah wensoever i ll b caled ... will let u knw ...
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- harounkhan - 04-02-2010

masroorahmed, congratulations on getting the interview phone call. Can you please tell me when is your interview? Well I am also an ACCA student, and I have cleared same number of papers as yours, but I haven't got the interview call yet. Do they call all the short-listed candidates on the same day? If I don't get a call today, does it mean that I am not being short-listed? Fingers crossed that I get a call soon. And good luck for the interview Masroor.

- idiot.boy - 04-05-2010

yaar app loog yeh tu batou kah test ma kya kya aya tha ?? remember anything ??? idhar islamabad walon ka test hona ha abhi ... please guide us yaar

- harounkhan - 04-05-2010

Idiot.boy, test was of 50 marks for one-and-a-half hours. It was divided into four sections Accounting, Auditing, English and IQ. You can't prepare for such tests as you don't know what'll come up. Anyways, in accounting section, depreciation, FIFO Inventory method, Earnings per share and Deferred tax was tested. I don't remember much of the auditing section, but events occuring after the reprting date and how they would affect the auditor's report was tested. A short essay of 5 marks came up in the English section, and 10 idioms. IQ section was easy. The test in Islamabad will not be the same as the test of Karachi but it will be of the same pattern. Revise Depreciation, Deferred Tax, a few accounting ratios and study some idioms. My test took place last Saturday. Haven't recieved the interview call yet. Do you have any idea how long does it normally take for them to call? I have heard that sometimes they can make you wait. Cheers!!!

- idiot.boy - 04-05-2010

Haroun , THANKS ALOT BROTHER !! .. really i was not expecting this IDIOMS D lolz ... mugehy aik hi idom ata ha , once in a blue moon bus D haha lolz !!

well, i guess they take A MAXIMUM of 1 week , agar 1k week tak call aa jay tu theak ha , else agar nah call ay then BYE BYE !! ... but there are chances that 90% candidates ko call aa jati ha !! so now start revising for ur interview again )

thanks once again , matric ki books lata hon idiom wali P

- aimaad22 - 04-05-2010

I also applied at FRSH but have heard nothing about test? Have they told you about test?

- harounkhan - 04-05-2010

Anytime bro!!! Idioms I got in the test were mumbo jumbo, graveyard shift, your guess is as good as mine, hell in a handbasket, it takes two to tango, cat out of the bag, between the rock and a place and a few others. Fortunately, I knew 6 of them. You have to use idioms in sentences. Good Luck with the test !!!!

Yaar my test took place on last Saturday, and today is Sunday. So one week to ho gaya hai. INSHALLAH, I am hopeful that I will get the interview call by tomorrow. Pray for me bro. Take Care !!!!!!!!

- idiot.boy - 04-05-2010

GOD !! i am like WTH !! .. these idioms , i saw them for the 1st time in my life D ... OMG what will happen there D ...

Mumbo jumbo D hahaha is this a idiom D lolz .... ok let me try making a sentence

A guy Named HARON KHAN replied to my question regarding the entry test of all the idioms which came including MUMBO JUMBO on which i was surprised to hear it for the very 1st time "

yeh chalay ga D ?

- harounkhan - 04-05-2010

Hahahaha!!!! You can try that !!! D

- masroorahmed - 04-07-2010

yaar haroon khan u could folow me .. i ve nt been caled for interview frm E&y yet ... but wensoever i WILL b caled (INSHALAH).. will inform you atonce man .....