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- idiot.boy - 04-09-2010

E&Y ma yehi gund ha , STUDENTS ko b intake ker rahay hain jahil loog !! ... if there were only AFFILIATES and CA INTER's , proper process of recruitment , then ho jata competitive logon ka !!

Yahan per part 2 clear nahin hay , and i have seen my self , guys after CAT are enjoying training there !!

- harounkhan - 04-09-2010

I know where you are coming from idiotboy. I know a person who has cleared only 4 papers of ACCA, and he is doing his training in Ernst & Young Islamabad. Must have used a really strong referrence.

- harounkhan - 04-09-2010

bilawal, that was such a relief for me, masroorahmed and paradigm. We have applied in the Karachi office. But still... Our test took place on the 27th of March. It's been 2 weeks now. Do they make you wait that long??? The only thing keeping me optimistic is that my friend who had applied here in Lahore office got a call after more than 2 weeks. DOn't lose hope lads as a great man once said "HOPE IS A POOR MAN'S BREAD" ... )

- idiot.boy - 04-09-2010

Haroun , we guys dnt have any reference NOW , but i am dead sure for one thing , in the next 10 years after , we will be more successful than these reference talk-****s !!

- paradigm - 04-09-2010

phew thats a relief

- masroorahmed - 04-09-2010

well i m still hoping for interview call ... inshalah i ll b caled soon in ths induction ...
haroonkhan nd others guys dont putt ur knees down .... coz Winner never quit... !!!

- harounkhan - 04-10-2010

INSHALLAH MAN !!! We will get the call ... I still have hope ... Even though it's slightest !!!!

- bilawal - 04-10-2010

Best of luck to all of you there in karachi.....

- masroorahmed - 04-10-2010

thanx to God!!!!! i ve been caled for interview tomorow at E&Y , 1200 noon sharp... now any one there to guide me abt interview ... ths is very fist interview ...

- harounkhan - 04-10-2010

Congratulations Masroor !!! I haven't been called yet though !!! Allah kare mujhe bhi aa jaye call !!!

- paradigm - 04-10-2010

No call here either

- harounkhan - 04-10-2010

Paradigm, don't expect any calls today because Ford Rhodes Office closes at 100 pm on Saturdays. Maybe we are not shortlisted after all as two guys on this forum have been called. I think Monday is our last hope.

- paradigm - 04-10-2010

btw guys do we need to take all of our documents to the interview ?

- mohsintcs - 04-10-2010

All calls for the final interview have been made for EY by today.

- paradigm - 04-10-2010

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<br />All calls for the final interview have been made for EY by today.
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how do u know ?