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- paradigm - 04-12-2010

updates ?

- harounkhan - 04-12-2010

Rakesh and Masroor, how did your interviews go guys? What questions were you asked? I hope you guys are selected. Cheers!!!!

- masroorahmed - 04-12-2010

It waz just to report urself at EnY ...
a lady took my interview she asked
Wats ur educational background.. wat wud u do if u ve been given a chance to becom Education mininter.... wats ur milestone .. y u r interested in EnY...WATS inspire u the most(i said to b very honest nothing inspire me , no further comments ,,, haahahah)
such n such,,,
Fish nw i m very jittery abt 2nd interview call (Dua 4 me guys )


- harounkhan - 04-12-2010

That's it? These are very basic questions. I hope you answered all of them with confidence. Don't worry you'll be good. What did they tell you after the interview? That they'll call you? Or you'll be asked to come again for the second interview?

- idiot.boy - 04-12-2010

@Haron , call ai tumhain ???

@Masroor , No questions regarding AUDIT and TAX etc O ????????

- paradigm - 04-12-2010

I guess 2nd interview will be technical... Did they give any date or time period when ull be called for second interview ?

- harounkhan - 04-12-2010

Idiotboy, nahin yaar abhi tak call nahin aayi. But I called their office today and they said that their interview process is not finished yet, so I am still hopeful of getting a call probably tomorrow INSHALLAH. How about you? AFF se call aayi? If I am not wrong your deadline is Wednesday right? To aaj Monday to ho gayi. Best of luck brother !!!!

- aimaad22 - 04-13-2010

Yeah idiotboy any news? No call here yet. Im feeling very nervous now yar (

- idiot.boy - 04-13-2010

Haroun and Aimad , NO CALL yet !! but still we have time and hope till Friday ( MAX ) !! lets see.. Insha-Allah ay gi call ay gi !! no worries...

- aimaad22 - 04-13-2010

Haha wish I had your confidence! But you are right! Lets us hope )

- harounkhan - 04-13-2010

Masroor, yaar tell us each and every question you were asked in the interview, so that we can prepare ourselves. Same goes to you Rakesh. And when are you guys having your second interview? Any idea?

- paradigm - 04-13-2010

Ya guys please tell all the questions. And did u guys take ur documents along with u ?

- harounkhan - 04-14-2010

Paradigm, I don't think there is any requirement to take documents with you. When you filled out that application form, you must have given the copies of your education certificates, right? So, that'll do. No need to take them again.

- masroorahmed - 04-14-2010

@d harroon khan nd paraidgm'
yaar i ve told u almost all the questions coz interview last only 8 to 9 mints... nd moreover thy just told me thanx after it... thy ll call me Inshalah fr 2nd interview but i dont knw the particular date...
@idiot boy.
i thnk u r rite ... technical ques will be asked in 2nd interview...
there were no ques abt our study in 1st one ...
guys wher is rakesh kumaar... ?

- harounkhan - 04-14-2010

I dread the technical questions ... No idea where Rakesh Kumar is .... His input would have been helpful !!!