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CONGRATULATIONS PTCL - javed - 04-27-2010

The Government in the habit of keep experimenting one West’s one successful experience over the other has once again, despite earlier having earlier failed, announced two days weekly holiday on the pretext of energy saving. How much by foolishly following summer winter clock adjusting no one can say except of course for Raja Ashraf Perviaz and Fouzia Wahab was the net saving to the nation and how much it effected in reducing load shedding.

Sometime during 90s the tehn Government announced two day holiday. Some of the Departments due to their nature of work were advised only to observe only one weekly holiday on Sunday. The PTCL was one such organization. An investigation report appeared in a very popular and serious national Daily that the PTCL Divisional Engineers of Phones in Karachi remained absent from their offices leaving public-interview-waiting consumers on the pretext of engaged attending the Hearings in the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat. The published investigation report however stated that the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat on the said days remained closed due to second weekly holiday.

As one day I myself felt the heat as a subscriber and a conscientious citizen I took up this issue as a formal complaint with the Federal Ombudsman. My complaint was properly registered but I never got any response later. Sometime early 2000-2003 a similar report once again appeared in the press when I sent that press clipping to the Federal Ombudsman quoting my previously years old complaint. The response was that I had added nothing “new” for revision. Whereas the fact was I did not re-write for any “revision” because a Revision appeal is made if one is not satisfied with the original verdict while I never knew what was the verdict/Finding/Decision of the Ombudsman on my original complaint copy of which never reached me. I expected that perhaps I could get a re-copy of the old verdict original of which contents of which are never know to me might had gone astray in mail but perhaps this was my undue too high a wish being a layman not knowing the meaning of “good governance”.

Now two weekly holidays have again come. My congratulations to Divisional Engineers Phones.

- awaisaftab - 04-28-2010

Holidays are not solution of electricity crisis.

- WARDAH - 04-28-2010

Are these holidays till june or july??

- awaisaftab - 04-28-2010

The decision will be reviewed by Federal Govt. in July.