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Exemption policy - Evolution - 04-21-2004

Now that ACCA has come out with the Pakistani law and tax variant should there be more reciprocal arrangements between ACCA, ICAP & ICMAP? Comments

- KJK - 04-27-2004

Yes, I think that there should be some reciprcal arrangements between ACCA , ICAP and ICMAP,but ICAP will perhaps not bear the presence of its rivals in the market.I expect that ICAP will make its exemption policy more strict rather than giving some lexity in its exemption policy.
As a student of ACCA I feel quite easy and relaxed that ACCA has now become a proper competitor or ICAP.

- sumaaan - 04-27-2004

I think by the introduction of Pakistani Law and Tax variants, ICAP should allow two more exemptions...

Module E ->Corporate Law
Module F ->Advanced Taxation

By the way, I'm still quite happy with the present exemption policies.

Edited by - sumaaan on Apr 27 2004 072944 AM

- Evolution - 04-27-2004

Sumaaan! Are you doing Chartered Accountancy?