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Short Selling - Abuzar Qazi - 05-01-2010

What does the short selling mean? Please clarify

- Star - 05-04-2010

There are two terms of the stock market.

Blank sale

“Blank Sale” means “a sale by a party that does not own shares or the sale does
not constitute a sale with pre-existing interest or is a sale by a party that has not
entered into a contractual borrowing arrangement to meet delivery requirements”.

Short sale

"Short Sale" means a sale by a Member, on his Proprietary Account or on Client’s
Account, not owning securities at the time of sale or the sale without constituting
a Pre-Existing Interest but is a sale on Proprietary Account or Client’s Account
entered into on the basis of Prior Contractual Borrowing Arrangement to meet
delivery requirements on the settlement date.

For detail follow the link


You will find following document, study and enjoy..............

  • Short selling, 2002



- ciapk - 05-04-2010

The selling of a security that the seller does not own, or any sale that is completed by the delivery of a security borrowed by the seller. Short sellers assume that they will be able to buy the stock at a lower amount than the price at which they sold short.

- Abuzar Qazi - 05-07-2010

yaar thora simple kar ke samjha sakte ho?

- ciapk - 05-12-2010

Ap stock exchange main bythay ho. X company k shares ki value neechay Ja rahi hay or 10 tak chali gai, ap us company k shares ko sell krnay ki offer kr do jb kay wo ap ki owner ship main nai hay, 1 ghntay bad share 9 ka ho jay or ap usay khreed k 10 walay ko hand over kr do. Yani jb ap ny sell ki offer ki us waqt ap k pass ownership nai the.Tu yay short selling hay yar.