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WE ASK FOR IT - javed - 05-25-2010

I am not that fond of politics. I never remember who is what and with which party except for a half dozen most known names. Abid Ali Sher name attracted my first attention during Farah Dogar marks sheet fiasco. Abid Ali Sher as Chairman of National Standing Committee on Education stood up for investigating the issue and the more he struggled the more his respect went down in my heart. I knew well against so heavy odds he would not be able to achieve anything yet at least in the sole interest of the nation, thousands of other students and for the education in particular he was struggling hard putting his own name in the list of bad boys. Now yesterday just reading merely a Heading that he was now embarked upon naming all the bogus fake degrees held by our elected representatives a feeling of worst hate for him has erupted in my heart. I feel Jamshaid Dasti is much much better than Abid Ali Sher in at least having a courage in admitting though in the court that his Degree was fake while Abid Ali Sher is so big a double faced a true “munafiq”. Last realizing how wrongly I was his silent admirer, I felt deep shame on myself on reading that he lifted from the police station and took away with him in his car a hand cuffed arrested accused. The accused was arrested on the charges that his company received millions of worth payments for not doing any physical work on sites. All the money paid was given at the disposal of Abid Ali Sher from the national exchequer for uplift work in his area.

This senior citizen is a simple Muslim not belonging to any sect etc. From the childhood I am taught to respect and more respect a “Syed” as a Syed is from the “Aall-e-Rasool” of our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). I was taught never ever even to show our back towards the face of a Syed. Being the “All-e-Mohammed” a Syed is invariably taken a true honest, Allah fearing, upright, pious, true believer and worshiper. Though through life experience I have never been fully satisfied on this explanation nevertheless being a simple Muslim I never had ever any thought contrary to that academic one taught to us from the childhood. Likewise I never believe on Mujawars, Sajadda-Nasheens, Gaddi-nasheens etc as to my belief faces of such people should be so soft and attractive whereas whenever I had in life to go to any such place like a Mazar or hujrah of a gaddi-nasheen I found the person with harsh face of a criminal like. All gaddi-naseens and sajjada-nasheens and their workers/servant mysteriously I have always found very rich and very very healthy, why I am unable to understand. My cent percent this taught-faith on Syeds vanished last week (ALLAH may forgive me if in this old age I am wrong) when the great Syed of Multan hated all those who did speak against Syed’s re-selecting a fake degree holder. In Great syed’s view speaking lies, taking a false oath, getting a fake degree that too in Islamiyat was not a sin but criticizing it was. From that day (ALLAH forgive me) I feel no remotest respect for any Syed rather I pray ALLAH blesses me and keep me a hundred yards away from any syed.

This last week has changed my whole world. Today I believe my whole life as a foolish man I merely believed on academic values and teachings forgetting at all that the naked realities were totally different. Drones attacks, continuous increasing humiliations, sufferings, load shedding, leaders who have read “Tafaseers” written by “Hazrat Musa”, loan defaults, national looting, fake leaders etc today I honestly believe are our own wishes materializing. Till last week as a true Pakistani like silent majority minus of course our rulers and friendly opposition I myself burnt my blood on US humiliating us and in return our rulers & friendly opposition licking it but from the day “we” re-elected the bogus degree holders in bye-elections all my thoughts have changed. Today I truly believe that when our so called educated men women “Aligarians” can dance in the streets on the news that their leader got UK nationality, when despite having proven and known the people holding bogus degrees in Islamic studies we vote them then “we” all including myself deserve all sort of humiliations, naked body searches at foreign airports, sugar at Rs. 80/- a kilo, mutton at Rs. 350 plus a kilo and that we have no right now to criticize our rulers after our re-electing fake degree holders. We have thus ourselves and not the rulers proved that a fake degree is much worth than a genuine one, a fake doctor is much better than a real professional. It is provided today ALLAH gives a nation the leaders which it deserved.