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WHAT TO DO..? Plz help!!! - syedakif110 - 06-07-2010

I am an ACCA Affiliate completed in Dec'09. I have also passed BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. I have submitted my application in all big 4 firms but no one call me. I am so upset plz guide me. what is my next step????

- aimaad22 - 06-07-2010

Try to call all the smaller firms you can find and ask them if any of them are inducting right now, though I seriously doubt it because its very late for this session now, they will have inducted by now. You will probably have to wait for the next session. But you can still try maybe one or two will consider you.

Otherwise there are regular emails from the ACCA about job opportunities at various companies for fresh affiliates without experience requirements, you should check them out and also other websites or newspapers etc for any opportunity.

God forbid if all this doesnt work then you will just have to wait till the next session, in the meantime you could try for 2-3 month summer internships which are always useful.

- ETK - 06-07-2010

well i think you can visit this website its a worlwide acountants firm...