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what after acca - chaudhary umair - 06-28-2010

hi currently m a professional stage student of acca nd m confused abt wat to do after acca shud i go 4 icaew r CA

- arsenal.gooner - 06-28-2010

icaew ka training contract milna thoda mushkil hai.. if you can get it, then surely you should go for icaew bcz you will have to give less papers of level similar to ACCA and of course icaew is icaew

- chaudhary umair - 06-28-2010

thanx arsenal but yar i hve heard dat acca member can go 4 icaew not just acca affiliate do u hve any info bout dat????

- arsenal.gooner - 06-29-2010

for acca affiliates, training requirement is 3 years. for ACCA members, the requirement is reduced to two years.

i did not clearly understand what you are trying to ask.. so if you dont get the answer from my above statement, ask again

- chaudhary umair - 06-30-2010

m asking dat while staying in pakisatn nd doing icaew through the route dat icap offers to its members.accas can also do icaew through dat route bt m nt sure is dat for acca affiliates r acca members can go throgh dat route