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tell me what to do - dia - 07-05-2010

hi i am back after long long time again with a question my father is sick these days n my mother is very worried about her future so she wants to have a secure way of income which a house wife can handle she cant do job so any small scale business any suggestions which a house wife can carry on easily.
one more thing guide me which bank is giving best return on savings and it is good for a house wife to put money in investment account or better to have in saving account and which bank is giving good return
i need answers on both rel me soon u all educated ones my mother always kall me n ask y i have given u degree of mba if u cant even suggest me a business so help me out hehehhe [xx(]

- WARDAH - 07-05-2010

may ur father get well soon.ameen (waisy ye hehehe hsny k meaning mai li jati hai na k rony k) gr wo job ni kr skti to buisness ki suggestion k liey to pehly unki education or hunr ka maloom hona bohat zruri k baad he relevent buisness suggest kiya ja skta hai.secondly gr tum ny MBA kiya hai to tum to job kr skti ho na.Allah ka naam ly k apply kr do,yaqeenan wo paak zaat tumko or tumhary gher walon ko aisy tnha to ni chory gi.mushkiln ai hai to rasta bhi dikha hi dy be strong n have confidence in urself,n give ur mother strength with ur confidence na k khud bhi rony wali ho jao.may Allah bless u all.ameen

- dia - 07-05-2010

arry yar main koi pthatic shakal nhi bnana chhaty thats y i write hehe wesay bhi mughy hasnay ki hi adat ha aur mery galti sa shadi ho gaye ha aur ab main job krun na krun ye log mugh sa help nhi lenay waly hain aur education tu ba hi ha but u know she never been in market for business purposes so a complete house wife i was thinking if some one can guide me if she keep money in bank what she will get i am out of Pakistan from last three years so i don't know what exactly going on in that market

- WARDAH - 07-05-2010

oo ok. . .bank ki savings wgaira ka to mujhko itna ni pta other will guide u in this context inshallah.albta ger unko stiching ki know how hai to training center khol skti hai wahan boht bchian sikhny ain gi.

- dia - 07-11-2010

where r every one mannnn

- WARDAH - 07-11-2010

pta ni dear i was also thinking k abhi tk tumko achy replies with gud guidance kio ni mily

- Dard - 07-12-2010

Sewing seems to be best option here

- yasir_live - 07-12-2010

Eating, Teaching Aur Cheating Bohat Kaamyab Business Options hain Pakistan main. U may opt for any one of them. I Personally Suggest you for some Eating Business. In the mean, if you give us little hint about your Investment, than members will give you more considerable suggestions.


- ciapk - 07-12-2010

Dear Dia,

What the best i will suggest that which will need a small scale investment but with a good return. If u are living in Karachi, you may search for a few business plazas print some broacher and circulate within theses target plazas to provide lunch. The broacher may contain the menu and the selling price of dishes available as well as contact number, normally, orders are booked by luch providers on phone about 12 o clock. you may hire a rider to serve th lunch boxes to the offices as per their order. The quality house food is very demanding by the pplz working in office for their lunch.

- yasir_live - 07-12-2010

Aur Try opening A Call Center, Snooker Club, Health Club, Coaching Center, ETC.


- WARDAH - 07-12-2010

ciapk's idea is gud

- yousaadat - 07-12-2010

If u r living in sum other country than u can ask ur mom to send u a small consignment of fabrics or ladies clothing to u...... nd than u sell these stuff at ur desi community ........ this is tested business

or else ask ur mom to open a boutique nd make sumone partner who have a xperience of this line........

hope this will help ya..



- WARDAH - 07-12-2010

kuch aisa hi mainy bhi kaha tha but tum ny kuch further btaya nahin.

- Anamz1 - 07-12-2010

Though main ny sab kay comments tu pahe parhay just tumhara topic prha hai, please tell me k tumhary hoty huay tumhari ami ko ye sochnay ki zarorat kiyoun mehsos hui. Don't let her do any thing just try hard and use your potentials to support her financially and morally. MBA karny k baad bhe ye haal hai.

Baita maa baap k liay kuch kar dikhany ka passion ho to duniya kam ho jati hai utilize karny k lia. OK

Let her take rest from now to onwards and free her mind from the tensions of responsibilities.

- WARDAH - 07-13-2010

anum dwar. . .sbki post prh laiti to smjh jati tum she is married n live in abroad n her mother is in pakistan.