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There are two news item before me appearing the same day. Though these are mere just routine readable material one daily reads today but in fact there is a very deep point to ponder in those. The first one is a statement from SSP Islamabad that the Police had unearthed a big scandal under which containers of contraband/liquor were being imported under the immunity to the diplomatic goods. The SSP refused to disclose the names of the diplomats involved or name of their embassies on the premise, in the words of SSP, that the law does not allow disclosure of name of diplomats.

The same day another item was the embarrassing scandal, which has ashamed officials who are trying to play it down. A Turkish court partially freezed the bank account of the Pakistani Consulate in Istanbul ordering it pay $8,000 to five Turkish girls hired during the visit to Turkey of President Asif Ali Zardari as “lady guides” but were never paid for their "services". It is claimed the girls were hired as Interpreters but in the Foreign Affairs there is no Head for such a transaction. According to the Turkish officials the all official accounts as diplomatic missions don’t enjoy immunity in civil suits.

The second such a thought provoking item is a 6- lines news. It reads that the Lahore High Court dismissed a petition against US drone attacks. A Lahore advocate had petitioned that Government be asked to produce if there exists any agreement or treaty between the Government and the US. It ends with the words Staff reporter.

Both the two items are worth pondering for serious citizens of this unfortunate country. In the first one while we are even afraid of giving name of liquor smugglers in the name of international law, the other state Turkey not in presence of the same international laws takes not merely any individual but as a whole the Pakistani Diplomatic Mission to the court and our Mission does not claim diplomatic immunity.

Now the point is where is our so much talked about “bold free press”? If the SSP is afraid of, where is our bold free highly active press which can not divulge the names of the diplomats or at least name of the Mission as an investigative report? In the second case the staff reporter's report merely states that the petition on such and such topic was dismissed by so and so. Why it was dismissed, on what ground – lack of jurisdiction or due to some technical reason, not a single word is mentioned. The judge must have even though through a short order mentioned a gift of reason, why the bold and today's claimed highly professional press could not include it as the essential part of the news? Are we sovereign, have we really bold press? Answer almost every day ever one of us sees with helplessness.

- yasir_live - 07-06-2010

True Indeed.

- WARDAH - 07-06-2010

not agreed.hehehehhahaha

- yasir_live - 07-07-2010

Wesay I Wonder Who this Guy(Javed) is ? Ataa hay kuch ajeeb C cheeze Post karta hay kuch kuch dino baad.

- WARDAH - 07-07-2010

yup true. . .main to anum ki lmbi post hi prhti hon bus,kia krun apni buddy jo hai.ab in py kon dimagh lrae.hehehe

- yasir_live - 07-07-2010

But her topics are intresting, main tu sachi baat hay kahilli main nahi parh pata hun, But I know uss ki posts main intresting storian hoti hain. Yeh ooper walay jo bhai hain yeh hakoomaton k kissay kahanian sunatay Yeh soch kar k shayad logon ki aankhain khul jain lakin inhain yeh andaza nahi k Leadership ki corruptin say logon ki pata nahi kya kya khul chuki hay )


- WARDAH - 07-07-2010

mairi to ankhain bnd hony lgti hain itni lmbi post daikh k.hehehe