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ERP SOFTWARE - haroon - 05-21-2003

Hi my name is Haroon Adeel.I qualified in 2002.I would like to start discusion with chartered accountants involved in ERP software implementation.
I am currently working on ERP software implementation in a textile manufacturing organisation and am interested in sharing veiws and experiences with accountants playing a similar role in other organisations.
Hope to hear from soemone soon.

- Cricketer - 05-22-2003

Hi Haroon

I am much interested to learn what sort of erp solutions are available for the textile industry. And do tell us a bit about the erp and its modules which are being imlpemented in your company.

Is it a locally developed solution? I've heard that pakistani firms are doing excellent work in developing such solutions for the textile industry.

- haroon - 05-22-2003

Hi Criketer
Nice to hear from you

We are implementing Accpac (ERP software developed in Canada).
The software has been developed by the No1 software house in the world......... Computer Associates.

It is a complete ERP soluton with all the seamlesly integrated modules i.e. GL,Accounts payable, Accounts receivable,Inventory Control, Purchase Order, Sales Order etc etc.

I would rank the software as OK. As per my assesment it would work fine for an organisation invoved in trading only, but when it comes to manufacturing .......To be honest I feel that the Manufactring Module of Accpac is not flexible/powerfull enough to accomodate the complex nature of textiles manufacturing.
So we are keeping our fingers crossed.

We have successfully implemented Accpac in one of our sister concerns involved in trading only and we faced little dificulty.

I think for the manufacturing concern one should go staright for SAP.

Af far as pakistani softwares are concerned, I havnt seen any Pakistani ERP software yet( Maybe because i am situated in faisalabad). If you know of any please let me know.

Oh and by the way are you in any way involved in ERP softwares???

- TheOne - 05-23-2003

Hi Pals,
I wouldn't waste much space & time but my suggestion to dear Haroon that please don't go for SAP before you've seen it working in any organisation like yours. SAP is becoming more & more complex and costlier day by day. Once you adopt it, you'll be nowhere except in the middle of it. Briefly just consider followings 7 steps (suggested by ERP experts) before going for any "ERP" solution
1. Get proper ERP counseling from professionals;
2. Choose a 'Fit-to-Business' solution;
3. Think suit (Not best of breed);
4. Choose a team driven deployment;
5. Customization & Configuration ability;
6. Ditch your legacy system in a timely manner and
7. Training.
Please just be assured that there are ERP systems in the world which are not ERP systems rather small branches or prototype integrated modules. It's just like considering a "datashop" like a "Data Warehouse". I must also suggest Haroon that he must read articles about ERP published in last 2-3 issues of "Spider" magazine (by Mr.Fouad Riaz Bajwa). If you can't find previous issues of that you can search those articles at their website at ""
Last word, please note there's no world class ERP system in the world so far. Whatever modules Haroon has mentioned can be found in any good accounting software alone.
Actually unless you integrate SCM (Supply Chain Management), HRM (Human Resources Management), SFA (Sales Force Automation), ABC (Activity Based Costing), QCM (Quality Control Management),Assets Management and ROI modules with the modules mentioned by Haroon, there'll be no ERP.

- haroon - 05-23-2003

Hi "The One"

Thanks for an insightfull reply. I would be looking for more info on the topic from you as you seem to have good knowledge.

I totaly agree with the 7 steps you have mentioned for implementation.
an that true/complete ERP software does need the modules you mentioned .That is one of the reasns why i ranked AccPAc as just OK and not good or excelent.

As far as ERP software selection is concerned. I dont think the criteria for selection should be whether it is working in a similar organisation or not (no doubt it is a big plus if it is already implemented in a similar organisation). Because failure to implement a ceratin software in an organistion may not have anything to do with the quality of the software. What do u think???

Oh and The SAP thing..... It was sugeted by a ERP consultant who came form Dubai to guide us in implementation.

- TheOne - 05-23-2003

Hi Haroon,
I'm not much techy but I simply try 2 keep Grey-Area windows opened for the fresh air. You're right that bad workmanship has got nothing to do with the Tools but still, tools must be compatible and handy for the new workers or environments. Actually all ERP like softwares are developed for areas where business policies, laws, rules & regulations and other factors are predicted to be continued for a reasonable future period. Our problem is that we can't reasonably estimate or define any standard-deviation from budget.
I can feel that you by yourself can judge a lot of things very well and I suppose you must have visited "", "" and related websites. If not, please do it and you'll find enough info about ERP that may require at least few days to be digested. In addition to these, you must also visit some other websites that specialize in info about isolated modules for CRM, HRM, SRM & SCM etc. Happy day.

- TheOne - 05-24-2003

Just forgot to refer an interesting point. Recently, SBP announced some vacancies in their IT department. There was a post for ERP Specialist also. Qualifications for this post included MBA, M.Com and ACMA... interestingly there was no "ACA" required to apply. What it meant?... Because they knew, chartered accountants are never intelligent enough to be an ERP specialist. In fact They are basically TAX people and bean-counters...that's it. (With due apology, isn't it a fact???)

- jbladeus - 05-24-2003

Hmmm... Bean counter. I don't mind being called a number-cruncher or a calculator-weilding geek, but i take a personal offence to this... this Bean-counter!! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

Can anyone give me addresses of websites from where i can learn about CRM and SCM?

Arrrgh... it sure's gonna be mighty rough sailin' today ... mates!

- haroon - 05-25-2003

Ok here is the Logic.........

Because State Bank did not require a Chatered Accountant for the post of ERP specialist.................. It follows that ACMAs/MBAs/MCOMs are more inteligent


- TheOne - 05-25-2003

Hi Guybrush,
Go to type erp in the search bar and you'll get about 2,240,000 links about erp. But must visit / ... happy surfing...
and hi haroon, how's your erp implementation going??

- TheOne - 05-25-2003

Hi Haroon,
Don't let the world laugh like "HA..HA..HA..HA..." against your hehe...
Arguments fail frequently against Facts and Figures... Can't you see even here at this "HUGE" number of Forums that how many "Members" are there to talk about "all" socalled problems? ... and also, What the hell do they talk?
What do you think that how many Members of this forum (out of total 76) are really qualified CAs?... How can you judge whether am I a student, an ACA or FCA???? Suppose 20% are not qualified (that's the minimum figure)... there remain 61 Members at this given date & time. Out of balance Suppose, 20% are ICMAs or others... what remains is around 49 Members which may possibly be qualified Chartered Accountants... Now out of about 2,500 there are 49 (less than 2%)to prove their intellect & leadership capabilities upon 140 Million people!!!... Are we all nuts??? Why don't we all simply accept the fact??... Go ahead and do it yourself.... At your choice pick any Ten Chartered Accountants and compare them alike sample of ACMAs & MBAs..... "your" people'll "leave no stone unturned" to embarass you!!! this is my/your/our destinyn fate....and end.
Further, look at the "Topics" CAs discuss here??? None of them seems to have any thought of his/her own!!.. All simply doing "Tawaaf" of "guidelines" and "standards" given by Goraas. Look at the discussion about Firms!... participants seem to be most "intellectuals" of all times while stating status of their firms... but none of them had any courage, perception or vision to say that "Why's after all that affiliation so much required?"... and why the hell ICAP still allows such affiliation when it has already kept ban upon "foreign names" for so long?... Isn't it a back door of some sort to allow foreign stamping?
My dear, everybody knows that "absolute authority means absolute corruption". ICAP is the most "suspicious" authority in financial sector of Pakistan. Don't you think that despite of all known huge financial failures and frauds in pakistan none of CA firm was banned for life? Even here at this forum you can find talks about rumors about doubtful role of MYASCo in Textile sector??? Why wasn't any investigation started by ICAP? (Yes...Because they are all C**re???)
Mere Bhai, I repeat that you give me just 5 names out of all Chartered Accountants of Pakistan who're really going the "Way Forward"? and I'll solute you......

Edited by - TheOne on May 25 2003 054627 AM

- haroon - 05-25-2003

So. here we are again

Because Haroon cannot name 5 chartered accountants who are really moving way forward......... It follows that ACMAs/MBAs and MCOMs are more inteligent

So am i to asume that ICMAP membership is full of intelectuals or MBAs/MCOMS are a rare breed.

Come on yaar we are a sample of the same population..

If we cant find any CAs ACMAs MCOMS who are really moving forward i think its just because overall as a nation we are going nowhere....There are a lot of factors which hamper the way forward (other than lack of intelect).

- TheOne - 05-25-2003

Yes, here we are... you got it,... that's all about...
and by the way have you visited "" ? a nice erp website..

- jbladeus - 05-26-2003

Hi TheOne

thanks for the

<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana" id=quote>quote<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Look at the discussion about Firms!... participants seem to be most "intellectuals" of all times while stating status of their firms... but none of them had any courage, perception or vision to say that "Why's after all that affiliation so much required?"... and why the hell ICAP still allows such affiliation when it has already kept ban upon "foreign names" for so long?... Isn't it a back door of some sort to allow foreign stamping?<hr height=1 noshade id=quote></BLOCKQUOTE id=quote></font id=quote><font face="Verdana" size=2 id=quote>

We all love the tag of 'imported' on products we buy! Anything sounding desi or one which doesnt carry a western name to it doesnt sell well in our market.

A few days back, i was attending a wedding where i overheard a young boy introduce himself to an elder gentleman on a nearby table. All i am going to tell you ppl about this elderly gentleman is that he is an intellectual and a famous columnist in an english newspaper and i beleive that he doesnt know much about our profession. So as the story goes, when this older guy asked the boy what he did, the kid replied him that he was doing CA and articles from Taseer Hadi Khalid and Co. I vivdly remember that the old chap's nose wrinkled up in a sort of disapproving fashion hearing upon this desi name, and there was nor more talk for a few uneasy seconds between thee two.

The poor kid also sensed the same thing i had noticed and after a brief pause, clarified that it is a member firm of KPMG and told him about KPMG's status as a big four firm. Lol... the gentleman's attitude all of a sudden changed and after that seemed quite happy to talk about the kid's profession and about his firm.

Our older generations prided themeselves in taking care of our gora aqaas' dogs and cleaning their washrooms. Sadly to say, they have instilled the same sense of false pride in their children.

Arrrgh... it sure's gonna be mighty rough sailin' today ... mates!

- TheOne - 05-26-2003

Hi GB,
you got it perfectly and you've already made many things clearer. This is what I feel that majority of us are sick and mentally retarded people.... we are "Professional-Zombies".. Aren't we plagued??... But more disappointing note is the majority of new blood, which should make it's own course is also becoming rotten stream of nothingness. Don't they see that Allah has put our eye in front of face.... at top of our body??..., Don't they feel that their brains were placed at highest height of their bodies... so that we could see ahead and put our thinking process at highest level? We are even nullifyng our physical structure & biological reasoning... May Allah bless us all...