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Yeah dunia walay - Kasim - 07-26-2010

<b>Its about types of people we meet in routine life</b>

• Very much common type of people is people who may represent themselves as good/pleasant nature holder but as u spend time with them u come to know that their goodness/ pleasance is just a cover hiding their ugliness within itself. Though these people are clever enough but in very short time u succeed to find out their reality (if you are good enough to understand people and to judge them) without any material damge/loss caused by them to yourself.

• There are people quiet reverse of above type people these people deliberately show themselves as having negative personality they themselves want u to think bad about them they will tell u fake/ exaggerated things about themselves just to show that how bad they are but in fact they are not such bad and may be not bad at all and you will find that out with passage of time. These people though themselves present their own selves as bad souls but some times when some one judge them according to what they have themselves told him they mind it. At then they need to recall Hazrat Ali’s saying
“Agger koi khud ko logon k samnay bura banata hay or jab log ous ko bura samjhnay lagain tu iss main khata logon ko nahi hay ous banday ki hay” (it’s the grasp of his saying may God forgive me for not quoting his proper wordings)
They just do this because they want to surprise others by showing later that they are not bad that much or may be because they have complex personality. Normally these types of people are very sincere towards their friends etc. however mostly they are understood vice versa and the best thing is that they do know this but don’t care about this as they know they are good from inside God knows this so why to make people agree upon this. These are the people who like this verse of Holly Quran very much
“Ammloo ka darurmadar neeyatoon pay hay”

<b>Yasir I think so at least u will agree upon existence of such type of people </b>

• However there is another type of people relevant to above two types, people who present themselves bad to others (in very start when they meet some one) so that others may know that they are not good / innocent souls but in fact such people are more corrupt then they represent themselves. And when later on the other person comes to know this fact such people easily say we have already told u every thing about ourselves in the very beginning it is your own fault k u didn’t understand that and find out what other attributes/characteristics/habits/attitudes that could be related/attached to our personalities in addition to whatever we have told u . These are very sharp type of people not easily understandable/ judge able. You always feel confusion about them and remain double minded even if you are good enough to understand people in general.

• There are people who are never open book. They can’t share any thing only because they think each thing is related to another thing so if they are to tell one thing they will have to tell its background then its background and so on so it will be a long story to tell and even if they tell so it will be of no use.

• There are people who look like open book you may think about them k they tell each thing to you but these are clever enough to hide few facts at all from you or to delay in telling the facts or change the timing of happening/not happening of facts. So dangerous type of people these are u may be thinking k they tell u every thing that happens/comes to them but only they know what they have told and what they have not told u.

• There are people who are clever enough to make you feel that you can ride on them they themselves make you believe that you can control them. they make you think as if u have dominate personality over them but in fact such people play with u by allowing you to play with them such people are not the hunt in themselves but the hunters. At this point I recalled wording of Mumtaz Muffti
“kuch log dosrron k samnay khud ko khilona bana ker paish kertay hain k log un say khailain jub k haqeeqat main woe khud khilari hotay hain and dosroon k sath khail rahay hotay hain”

• There are people who have to spend good time with anyone/every one they get frank with every one they look like friendly to every one but in fact they are just passing their time and in fact are not friend of any one except of their interests.

• There are people who seem clever enough and in fact are clever too but from inside are innocent also.And you know the fact later only after having some quality and quantity of time you spend with them.

• Chewing gum type people they don’t give u space they are in fact very sincere type of people mostly but they cant understand importance of time and space to give to others for such people a poet has said well

“Yeah naye mizaaj ka shaher hay yahan faslay say mila karoo
Abb iss kadar kareeb bhi na aoo k daam nikal jaye”

• People who may be seen as Tang urranay walay,Harshly baat kernay walay,Mode/attitude dekhanay walay may not be like same from inside but they have manufacturing faults due to which they represent themselves in this way but with passage of time they may overcome their weakness.

<b>Tip</b> Whenever you meet some one u got some sort of feeling(s) about him (in 1st meeting or few of initial meetings) which may or may not have any reason(s)/ground(s)/base(s) this feeling is so much important. The person will continue to give you more diversified and detailed judgments of himself later on and you will have more believe on later ones but there will be time when such person comes openly in front of u or deceive you or do some thing which u were totally not expecting from him and then u will recall that very initial feeling with sad feelings k I knew this person is of that type from very beginning but I myself was stupid to forget my initial judgment. Obviously till then he would have caused u great damage/loss till that time.

Hope so u people will also share the feelings/judgment/experiences you have regarding people u ever met.

- Distracted - 07-26-2010

o bhai......... tum itna likh kaisy laity ho.......
sab kheriat to hy na........ just go and write something or try to spend this time ( that u've put to think abt this and than write this much) on other objectives or i dont know what to say....
but well written
comments on topic latter

- Distracted - 07-26-2010

well what i'm going to write i myself rarely practice it.
I think one should have his/her style of treating with people and i feel best is one that we find in "islam" i.e. help other in his/her right cause and dont help vice versa. this is the only thing that can save us from cheaters. or even at times our sincere friends may ask us to help them in wrong things and it doesnt mean that they r cheaters but if we follow our principle than we can better manage our relationship.
And than the situation is where we have to ask help from others, than it is obvious that we can not ask our every friend to help as the option of asking lands with A FEW of our friends, where the chances of cheating are far and few as theses one r tested over a long long span of time. And of they help; than this what we anticipated in beginning before asking them and if they dont than u'll tell urself that there was some wrong happened with him/her even before he/she will explain u the reason.

- WARDAH - 07-26-2010

ufffffffff!! kasim!! ye tumhari khud ki observations hain ya kisi dairy sy note chapa hai??

- Kasim - 07-26-2010


yar i like this forum only because yahan ham
demagh ki bhahass acchay tareeqay say nikal saktay hain lol
dont know dil ki bharass kahan nikaloon lol

dear main dairy say kuch nahi chapta (if it was like that then i would have been partner long before u lol)
infact dairy main khud say bhi kuch na kuch chapta rehta hoon
her baat tu her aik ko batanay wali nahi hoti na or kuch battain kissi ko batanay wali nahi hotin


- WARDAH - 07-26-2010

oe tum manager bn gae!! daikha?? mubarik ho new kursi milny py.heheehe to chlo phir sbka btao forum py tum ny kis kis ko kis type ka paya.

- Kasim - 07-26-2010

<b>her baat tu her aik ko batanay wali nahi hoti na or kuch battain kissi ko batanay wali nahi hotin </b>

sensible ka bata diya tha na woe abb atti he nahi
anamz1 ka and tumhara bhi bata doon ga tu tum dono bhi bhag jaoogi
yasir ka kafi idea hay mijhay but will see when and how i will tell about him

- WARDAH - 07-26-2010

aray mai abhi oper wali types ki baat kr rai hon

- bizmen - 07-26-2010


mein ne pehle adha parha and sar mein dard shroo ho gaya and socha 'kaise kaise log hote hain..." lol

topic par shayed hee kuch likh paoon because i am always against judging people by rules. everyone judges people one way or another but I (and I guess majority of others) don't judge anyone intentionally. We just find somone good or bad and that's it.

- yasir_live - 07-27-2010

Nice Observations Dear )

Aur mujhay per kuch likhnay ki zaroorat hay nahi wesaay, Wardah per likho Phir hum Tafreeeh lain gain )


- Kasim - 07-27-2010

its never so easy for me to take people simply as good or bad as i do go for the reasons behind their goodness or badness and i do try to compromise with even a bad person unless its clear to me that his badness is only becuase of his nature

yes i will surely write on wardah and anamz1 infact i have taken all input about both of them just need some time and mode to process it into output
waisay i know both are waiting for my posts on them especially anamz cause she is delebrately delaying to answer few of mine topix lol

<b>anyway tum itna khush mat ho tum per tu main nay lazmi likhna hay kab tak khair manaooo gay lol</b>

by the way i am still waiting for the question i asked in this topic from u under my very 1st post upon topic


- Anamz1 - 07-27-2010

@ Kasim

[)][)][)], Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Well main ny apny oper coments or judgements ki wajah sy jawab mai delay nai kia, infactthe questions or points you have raised are based on reality, human behavior and personality traits. On which I have aloooooooooooooooooooooot of word to speak, say or write. Me myself have actually a problem of discussing every thing especially human behavior because this irritates or comforts very instantly to just an in instance, I would love to write all your answers but at present I am not finding the ability to gather all the stuff in my mind, secondly you make the point thick which again become tough, as agar ek point ho tu us ko easily cover kia ja sakta hain with concentrationat one angle by envisaging of other angles but tum ek baat mai itny points lay aaty ho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Normally on one point mery pass kafi baatain hoti haon to gather and combine aur jab itnay saary mil jaty hain to mujhy mushkil hoti hai aur mai dely kar daiti hn kyn k bohat ziada points hoty hain zehan mai, [D][D][D] ab mujh tumhain yah smjhaty hua hasi bhe a rahe hai,

Well as same on this topis, I totally agree with these sorts but kasim sirf isi kisam k log nahe hotay is ek time mai mazeed sub contents hotay hain un ki personality k jo unhay agay ja kar dosri type mai split kar daity hai, anyway log bohat complex aur mean hotay hain, sachy seedhy aur mukhlis log bohat kam hoty hain. Mujhy to abhi tak apni family k ilawah kabi koi sacha aur mukhlis nahe laga!

- Anamz1 - 07-27-2010

Waisy mai ny you ka tpoic parhany sy pehly apny worth to read mai issi sy related ek post ki hain aj by the name of "Masks"

Ek aur baat like ahr koi same nahe hota sb k liay some time jo muhjy bura lg raha hota hai, kisi aur ko behtreen lagta hai,aisy he sahid hum khud bhe lagty hon dosron ko

"Kahan kisi ky liay hai mukin sab k liay ik sa hona
Thora sa dil mera bhla hai, thora bura hai seeny main"

- ciapk - 07-27-2010

Sahi keh rahi hay annamz sachay seedhay loog buhat km hotay hain. Oooo forum walo kadar kr lo jb tak main hun ;-)

- WARDAH - 07-27-2010

ciapk. . .mai bhi aik dum sidhi hon (jalaibi ki trhan) hehehehehee
anumz. . .mai to impress ho gai yar tumhari posts prh k.well said dear )
yasir. . . na to mujhpy likhny sy tumko kia tafreeh ae gi? hain? bchu tumka no lgny do phir btaon gi.