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Computation of Monthly NPV, MIRR, etc - Shafi - 08-12-2010

Dear members,
I have a case of agriculture cash flow pattern from which I need your assistance. The cash inflow appears only once in July of each year but outflows are spread through out the year – a typical situation with agricultural business. I need your help on how can I compute NPV, MIRR (I hope it is MIRR in this case due to the nature of cash flow), Pay back period and profitability index <b>ON MONTHLY BASIS. </b> Also how to incorporate the issue of terminal value in this case. I will appreciate if you will demonstrate this case on how to go about using excel. I wanted to attach the case for clarification but there is no facility to upload file here. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.
Kind regards

- Information Consultant - 08-14-2010

send me ur excel sheet containing data