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Interview call from FRSH Karachi - scorpian - 09-15-2010


Is there any person who received test call from E&Y karachi office ?

Please reply


- mml - 09-15-2010

I also applied in FRSH and waiting for call.
Does anyone have idea when they call?

- saad_srk - 09-16-2010

this time they are only hiring affiliates is that true? or part qualified can also apply?

- scorpian - 09-16-2010

they takes only acca affiliate ( p6 & p7 ) must be cleared i order to induct in E & Y

- hk_cca89 - 09-17-2010

yar can someone plz tell me whether deloitte and EY would consider me, i am an acca finalist just 1 paper short to be an affiliate. I have applied online at EY but not yet in Deloitte coz they told me that affiliate is our criteria.

- sayyaf - 09-17-2010

Last time test was conducted within 2 week after exams...this time they have delayed it a bit,but be prepared...they can call at any time.keep visiting EY website,check ur mails regularly..

- mml - 09-22-2010

Today I got call from EY FRSH Karachi.
They said my test is on Thursday at 7.30pm to 9.00pm.
These timings seems bit unusual.

has anybody else received call? If yes are the timings same?

- scorpian - 09-22-2010


mml will u please tell me that whether r u ACCA (P6 & P7 ) cleared or Modular ?

I am selected in AFF but i need icaew track thats why i am asking

Please reply


- mml - 09-22-2010

I am Modular Student

- hk_cca89 - 09-22-2010

Can anyone one tell me how to get prepared for the test at E&Y ??? n what sort of questions to expect ??
My test is tomorrow, thanks.

- paradigm - 09-23-2010

there were five subject covered last time.

1. Accouting ( includes calculation for depreciation, FIFO/LIFO etc)
2. Financial Reporting ( treatment for IAS and IFRS)
3. Auditing
4. English ( Idioms and Essay)
5. I.Q

- hk_cca89 - 09-24-2010

Thanks paradigm it helped alot )))

- mml - 09-25-2010

After how many days of aptitude test EY FRSH Karachi normally calls for interview?

- hk_cca89 - 09-25-2010

from Monday onwards

- mml - 10-02-2010

Yesterday I had an interview in EY FRSH KHI. The interviewer was a lady, may be manager or a Sr. Manager. She told me that you will receive a call for second interview, if selected. Normally EY FRSH takes only 1 interview.

Has anybody some information about this?