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- stj - 10-14-2010

no, ACCA

- stj - 10-14-2010

mml, do you any idea whether they've started interviewing ACCA candidates?

- mml - 10-15-2010

No idea but their induction will over tomorrow or in the next week because from 18th or 25th October they are starting orientation. Well are you recruited in any other firm?

- stj - 10-15-2010

ok, do you have an idea what technical questions were generally asked from CA candidates?

- mml - 10-15-2010

Their emphasis is not on technical questions as your technical knowledge has been checked in the aptitude test. They just want to check your personality, confidence and communication skills including negotiation and debating skills. That is why they normally ask cross questions on the reply of the interviewees.

Why don't you call EY tomorrow.

- stj - 10-15-2010

thanks mml, but what do you say, what should I expect, a non-technical interview, full technical or a mix of both?

- mml - 10-15-2010

You should expect a mix of both(80% non-technical and 20% technical).

- hitman - 10-17-2010

Hassan Zaidi, Please tell me what response you get from the interviewer.

- mml - 10-18-2010

@ Hitman

What about you? did you receive a final interview call? and if yes then are you recruited in EY?
What about your status in other firms?

- hasanzaidi - 10-18-2010


Overall interview went well...... but ek do qns k jawad main ne diplomatically nahi diye regarding WHAT YOU KNOW ABT EY..........i counter questioned maybe thats the main reason.....

At end Mr. Pervaiz said we will answer you in 4days but i understood what he meant.............and its a week now [D].......

But i am very happy with KPMG nd knw thinks that it was very good that he didnt selected me.....[)]

- hitman - 10-22-2010

My friend has been recruited in frsh. He was told that article ship would commence from 18 October but he has not received any response from frsh.If anyone know when article ship would commence please let me know.

- stj - 10-22-2010

mml when will the orientation start in E&Y?

- mml - 10-24-2010

I called EY yesterday. They said that their process is not yet completed.