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Test at A.F.F and Co Islamabad - Numair Mushtaq - 09-24-2010

Please tell me whether someone has received test call from Islamabad office
When this test is being conducted?

- A.A - 09-25-2010

I received a call from AFF Isb yesterday and was asked to submit documents on Monday.Test would probably be after 7-10 days though they haven't officially mentioned it yet.If you read the thread "1 day Notice" and note the dates,you'll realize that the different stages of the recruitment process occur after an interval of about 10 days in AFF.
@arshad15Woa.You got an interview call?!Are you applying for CA trainee or something else?CA trainee applicants are normally first called for submitting documents,then entry test,then 1st interview and lastly 2nd interview.Please clarify how you got the interview call within a week of applying.

- Numair Mushtaq - 09-26-2010


- alihassan1414 - 09-26-2010

kia ??????????????affco isb office told me that they will start calling atleast after 10 to 15 days .........

- sahibzada - 09-27-2010

Wats affco criteria regarding selection.?

- Namia Beera - 09-28-2010

well arshad mjhe bhi call ai thi aff se doc submission ki... and i went there yesterday... we were given a form to fill... after filling it up we were called for document checking... they took the photo copies and we were free.... test date is not announced... they will call us and then tell... the 1st interview will be after 2 weeks of 1st interview. my friend who is internee at aff told me this

- sayyaf - 09-28-2010

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by arshad15</i>
<br />Salamz,
I received an interview call from ferguson islamabad yesterday. The problem is that i never had given any interview before. Being my first ever interview in my life, i want to get answers to some questions.
1) Which dress code is perfect for an interview? whether tie, coat or normal dress shirt, pent without a tie?
2) What kind of questions i have to face? subjects related or general?

One thing more (A premature question, depending upon selection, but need to find the answer)
As i am an outsider, i would like to know how easy can i get some suitable place to live in islamabad? i,e hostel, etc and for how much amount?
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tie is a part of AFF culture,so that is mandatory

- san111 - 09-30-2010

assalam u alaikum....
please any one can inform me whether ferguson is calling mfc 14 or not please......

- A.A - 10-02-2010

woa.MFC 14 are eligible for applying this time at aff so you would probably have been called for docs submission on 27th if you applied online.

- A.A - 10-05-2010

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by arshad15</i>
<br />Now a call for test.
timing 1PM- 4 PM
ICAP Building Islamabad

Aur kis ko call ayee aur kia timing hai?
Aur haan
What type of test it would be? whether subject related or general or a mixture?
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Did you get a call for AFF Isb's test?At what time did they call you?They haven't called me yet.And how did they describe the test?Reply urgently.N click the following link to get info about the test


- A.A - 10-05-2010

@arshad15Thanks for announcing the test,it gave me advance warning of a few hours.I got a call too.n I asked about the test.5 portionsAudit,Tax,Law,Maths,Eng+G.Knowledge.Portions of variable marks.They forgot to mention Accounting though of course it will be there.Different tests for CAs and ACCAs.And we don't have to bring any documents except ID cards.Good luck to all of us!

- Namia Beera - 10-07-2010

AAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH............... kiaaa test tha aaj.... hahahahah
uffffff lolx i was telling continuously to my friend sitting at my back....... and jaisey he mein ne puchaa or uss ne btanaa shuru kiaa...... mjhe AJMAL QASAAB ne uthwaa diaa or dusri jagah per bithss diaa.... [Wink]
aap logo k saath kiaa maamlaa pesh aaya?????
well test was ok.... bht ziada mushkil bhi nhi thaa and halwaa bhi nhi thaa [)] henaa.....

- A.A - 10-07-2010

Haha.Yeah test wasn't too bad.My Eng n math went great,G.knw guzara(Jahangir Khan's trophies??)Acc good,Auditing ok n Corporate not good.50%(in total) will be pass marks according to Sir Ajmal.There were 104 candidates in all n 20,30 will be selected.Tests will be checked in 1 week n in 2 weeks from now,they'll start calling for interviews...

- raza 123 - 10-07-2010

Best of luck !

- Namia Beera - 10-07-2010

A.A ap kon sey college se ho? and wats ur real name? ap ne to pehle bhi test diaa hua hai naa...??? ek or forum mein perhaa tha me ne... kaisa huaa tha tub?