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What Should we do for Articles in Big 4? - Umar Shahzad - 09-29-2010

1. Qualification
2. Referance
3. any other thing
Please tell me...

- Nauman - 09-29-2010

Allah se dua karo that where ever you go it should be in your best interest D

- noman - 09-29-2010

its a little bit different..


- sayyaf - 09-29-2010

Pray to ALLAH(SWT).Only HIS blessings and prayers of parents can get one in big 4.

- - 09-30-2010

mr sayyaf this is to you. can you please tell me after how many days of your first interview , you got a call for 2nd interview and what were you asked in that interview?

- Namia Beera - 09-30-2010

well UMer reference is the most necessary item... [P]

- sayyaf - 09-30-2010

As far as AFF is concerned,majority is selected on merit basis.Iam an example of it as well...

- cs007 - 04-17-2011

basically itell you what you have to do ..
1. Allah ki zaat sey dosti rakho 5 waqt namaz ye hai zaruri sirf namaz ...
2.baqi Allah sub karadey ga tumhen ...
3.Modules ki parhai ka pressure na lena bus Class mein jo parhaen wo achi tarah karo..
4. C O N F I D E N C E ...Yehi chahiye interview k liey chahey aff ho chahey kpmg chahey delloite or may be Ey ...
5.speak up loud and clear and with a regularized voice...
6. Or haan "Apni zaban ki tezi us key upar istamal na karo jisney tumhen bolna sikhaya hai" So u must work for getting lots and lots and lots and lots and so on prayers and best wishes from your parents...

I was interviewed in all big4 in deloite also ! but then alhumdulillah i was inducted by Aff(karachi) a week ago ..and also was selected by ey and kpmg... They know you have your traditional Acumen but what they want is HOw you speak that's all ...

The partner at ey said we canot teach you concrete language skills, a smiling face, briliant presentation skills,..this you have learn yourself and come here .. you can be very technically equipped but if you dont know how to explain what you know r nowhere ...

so it goes like this my dear ..[)]

- m.umarfarooq - 04-18-2011

nice yar.....