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- Kasim - 01-03-2011

Admin Wakeup Plz
Time for ur visit on forum,infact every form, has arrived.

- S.A.Shamsi - 01-10-2011

Assalam Alaikum
Dear Admin Please delete these spams and other unrelated topics from all Accounting & other educational Forums as these forums are for only discussing Accounting & other educational related issues and these spams are making difficult for us to see active Relevant discussions as all topics on the page are for Advertisement or for something Else.
Please take Immediate Action.


- olympia - 01-11-2011

agreed with shamsi
plz admin do the needful (

- usmanca - 01-11-2011

I am with S.A Shamsi

Admn Action is required here

- yasir_live - 01-11-2011

I am with Olympia.


- Kasim - 01-11-2011

every one knows that yar
k u always are with ladies

agger tumhain pata chal jaye k admin bhi lerki hay tu tum tu ous ko bhi second karoogay

waisay main kissi ko nahi bata raha k admin lerki hay


- Kasim - 01-14-2011


Site looks cool now
Hope to see it in same condition in days to come too

Anyway whats about members' suggestion about appointing a moderator, some one out of them - just in case if u r not free to admin site

Waiting for reply


- yasir_live - 01-14-2011

Aray wah Admin,

aap tu dil per hi la gai, hum tu mazaak kar rahay thay. nice job! I am missing those lovely advertisements.


- Kasim - 01-14-2011

Ohhh ****
Admin missed one most regular and none lovely spam named <b>Yasir</b> Wink

- Kasim - 06-15-2011


yar app tu mind he kerjatay hooo ager koi piyar say baat karay app k sath tu
beleive me joe post app nay delete kee hay ous main aisa wiasa kuch nahi tha

i think so iss terha app ko indirectly wakeup call dee jasakti hay lolz