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Has Anyone received Call from KPMG Karachi - basit_namdar - 10-07-2010

Has anyone received call from KPMG karachi office for the applications submitted in September???

- Sjd_238 - 10-07-2010

Not being called yet..

I'm an ACCA affliate...

wats ur status...did u apply online?
1st attempt passeR?

- basit_namdar - 10-07-2010

Yeah applied online and have passed all my papers straight till p2 the only paper i failed was p3 which was in JUN 2010 now giving p3 4 7 in DEC 2010 INSHAA ALLAH

- Sjd_238 - 10-10-2010

let us know if u get a call...

whats the pattern at kpmg do they take tests...or just interview

any many applicants and seats are available at karachi office.

- hk_cca89 - 10-10-2010

I've heard from two of my friends that only candidates with good reference are considered in kpmg unlike other big 3 firms, and selection have already been made, that's y no one will receive a call from kpmg.
Please someone who knows about kpmg through light on the this issue

- Sjd_238 - 10-12-2010

may be your right

achually I know some one who used to work at AFF Ferguson, he said that the condition of kpmg isn't so good. They haven't been able to expand with time, so they hardly hire new trainees.

May be what your saying is true, but that makes things worse for me, I would be left with only one firm aka deloittes.

which firms have you applied for? Do you have any info. about deloittes?

- hasanzaidi - 10-12-2010

No that's not true about KPMG.........i m a CA student and now inducted at KPMG widout reference (paawa)......though it is true that references works in every firm..... I know many who have used references and got inducted

- hk_cca89 - 10-12-2010

i applied in kpmg,e&y and aff but not in deloitte, deloitte's test was on 7th october

- Sjd_238 - 10-12-2010

Okie...awl of you
hq and others

please keep in touch...

I have even applied in deloittes and far only given a test in deloittes no call from kpmg

<b>@hasanzaidi</b> please share your interview experience...both 1st and 2nd interviews....provide details for question and answered asked....did u apply in AFF?

- hasanzaidi - 10-13-2010

I got call from Deloitte for TEST, but i ignored as i was already recruited at KPMG

My interview was on 21st september, but i am now rejected.....
they were asking a hell lot of typical technical qns....i was having lack of confidence coz an hour earlier i had given interview at KPMG

First interview was wid HR....and it was not so good.....he asked <b>ABOUT ME</b> type qns...took max 10mins.....
2nd interview was wid partner and no technical qn, he was just looking for confidence and communication skills and asked qns regarding WHY KPMG etc....

First was wid HR and took max 4mins...lady also asked ABOUT ME type qns
Today was final interview wid MR.PERVAIZ MUSLIM....he asked two typical technical qns and ABOUT ME and ABOUT EY qns... at end he said will answer you in 4 working days... which is indirectly that i am rejected...coz today two of my frnds are selected on the spot....

- stj - 10-13-2010

hasan what were the questions asked by Mr. Pervez Muslim? and how many candidates were there for the 2nd interview?

- hasanzaidi - 10-13-2010

There was no candidate before and after my interview......dnt knw y.....though list has names of many students

He asked ABOUT ME...where do u see yourself in next 5 yrs....why CA ...why EY....why not other profession......etc

- stj - 10-13-2010

what were the technical questions?

- Sjd_238 - 10-13-2010

<b>@hasanzaidi</b> thanx for sharin ur experience....
wow man u have given so many interviews...

I applied at kpmg...and stil theres no call...I guess they haven't issued any call so far to acca...dunno wats d the real story

I gave deloitte test...I didnt apply at e nd y

Do share the techinal questions that were asked awl places...
wats ur status... how many papers u had to resit?

how do u knoe u got

- hasanzaidi - 10-13-2010

My batch is 17th MFC and mashahallah i have passed MODULE C and in this session attempted MODULE D.........

KPMG ne aj kal se he ACCA walon ko bulana shoro krdia hai i thnk...... inshahallah you will get call soon....

KPMG's HR DEPT. called me that you r recruited and gave me 24HOURS to submit ORIGINAL DOCS.........

KPMG'S PARTNER asked 2qn like TAXABLE TEMPORARY DIFFERENCE and another i thnk from IAS-37

1. if u r appointed as the auditor of the company which is being audited for the first time how will u ensure the consistency, presentation and disclosure is right the company has adopted
2. if ur company has taken interest-free loan how will you present it in your financial statements, and how will it afect how financial position

Just as i entered the room and sat there, manager asked me difference between MORTGAGE and PLEDGE......he was successful in giving pressure coz i was coming from KPMG and was already tensed.....
They were two....
they gave me typical scenarios and asked to give entries regarding LEASE, BONUS SHARES and GOODWILL (qns were asked seperately)
definition of provision, intangible asset, diff. b/w depreciation and amortization, 2-3 manager scenarios, about me qn.. strength nd weaknessess,
MINISTER of INDUSTRY, PETROLEUM, LAW.....and maybe some more qns...