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HELP NEEDED from LAHORIANS - Bilal Sulehri - 06-12-2004

I ve posted a couple of topics related to actuary and ca. Finally ive decided to do CA from lahore. Thanks alot to sumaan baji and all of those who posted to help me.
Now I wanna know that which is the best RAET (institut affiliated with icap) where I can do my CA. How to apply after gettin registered with icap.


- Bowman - 06-14-2004

I think PAC and SKANS are better ones in lahore

- Bilal Sulehri - 06-15-2004

I have heard about it but y these r better ?


- irfan2003 - 06-17-2004

hay what about REAT in peshawer cause i live in pesh and i wanna take admission in CA.


- Atifusman - 06-21-2004

The PAC and Skans are the best because of teaching Faculty is very experienced and have good knowledge and comand on the Subjects.

A student of ICMAP.

- Munshee - 07-03-2004

janab hum hein na mashwara deney k liyey!....... PAc zindabad......SKANS janay ki kabhi galtee matt karna..... mujhy donoon ka tajarba hai....SKANS ki administration kamal hai per PAC ki faculty ka jawab nahi.....ab in donoon ka difference aik lambi kahani hai.....tumharee ankhoon mein ansoo a jayein gay meree kahani sun plzz just join PAC......
ager detailed info chahyey to mujh se rabta karo...... mein baba e accounting hoon.....
email hai

- Bilal Sulehri - 07-14-2004

G BABA E ACCOUNTING sahib. Main ne to SKANS join karne ka pakka program bana lya hai , zara bataen to sahee ke skans itna khtarnaak kyun hai ?


- abdusalam - 07-24-2004

Well i edited it myself do not say anyone else to do it ...

Dear be happy .... I am sorry that you all got it personal..
very sorry ....

well take care...,

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- Sarfaraz - 07-25-2004

o bhai ye itna ziada parhe ga kon
iss ko precise kar ke post karo
ya conclusion de do ta ke pata to chale ke hai kia?

There is a will. There is a way

- XBRL - 08-01-2004

as per my analysis join Skans for first 2 modules and join PAC for last 2....

PAC is less bad than SKANS as per general concensus.

PAC has to its honor more than 200 CA's, but any how,

If u compare the intakes in best firms in Lahore I have seen few batches (esp 2002) in good firms from SKANS. Lately PAC is really comanding in the big firms intake...

But now again in recent batches (2003 and early 2004)PAC seems to come in again

- Bilal Sulehri - 08-02-2004

Acha yaar ab mujhe koi final verdict bhee de do. Aapis kee laraian choro. So plz answer straight forward
SkANS or PAC ?