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Anamz1,Yasir (edited2) - Kasim - 11-04-2010

• I have found that u and sensible do have a lot of common things so u will find some copy of the points I wrote in her judgment pasted in ur’s .

• There are people for whom their parents were, are and will be the highest source of inspiration and you are one of them I don’t know the extent but u r one of them. And u like same type of people.
• You treat your friends as your family members and family members as your friends and if u don’t do so then u surely want to do so.
• Do have good sense of selection and collection and then to use it.
• Have good balance b/w modern and conservative/religious type ladies
• Does believe good time comes after bad one.
• Seems cool minded but are also short minded (u urself admitted this on forum otherwise like sensible’s judgment I was again never to know that just from ur posts on forum).
• Don’t like to waste time much.
• Always ready to learn that’s why like the company of mature people where u can learn more.
• U like males’ thinking style more then the females’ thinking style (I mean about the issues etc both of them like to think about, to talk about etc.)
• Are Sensitive though normally gives touch looks.
• Are dreams lover and realistic also.
• Want to be handled with care always.
• U ur self are a sort of moody person but u don’t like moody people.
• Do have good sense of humor I don’t know why u didn’t showed it much on forum (in start u didn’t showed it at all but later on things changed to some extent)
• U are not same with every one means u r selective in nature to talk with to walk with and most importantly to share with.
• U can bear jokes of others only with in limit and off course limits varies for different persons.
• Are straight forward but not rue but bit harsh some times
• Like bold people and are also bold up to decency level.
• Looks for loyalty and sincerity in relationships.
• Are alone in ur thoughts/feelings etc as u don’t share them much (but with ur mother u may do so)
• Like to be praised/ appreciated.
• Too much romantic u r in fact u r at peak of romance again with decency.
• U some times judge people on the base of tags they are wearing means their casts, star signs etc, I think so u should not do so.
• Inteah ka jawab pathar say dayna janti hoo or Udhar nahi rakhti
• Know how to tackle different people
• Introvert mostly + extrovert occasionally
• Loves to help but some times don’t do so due to any reason
• Mostly secretive especially when being asked any secret (but again like sensible bad in keeping the smell of secret up to urself)
• If u ever share any thing with ur friends u want it to be kept by them up to their own selves only otherwise u mind it badly
• Some times tum per Chalkan ka alaam hota hay (jab app dosroon ko woe sub (important and top secret things) bhi bata daytay hoo joe unhaoon nay poucha he na hoo or aaam halaat main app kabhi bhi unhain batana passend na karoo)
• Have link with spirituality
• Mostly not much talkative like to observe people while remaining silent
• Believe that life is name of compromises
• Consider people are same from inside as they are from outside unless you are serious to know much about some one and then only u judge him/her properly
• Bit stubborn (hope so bit, not more then it)
• Some times refuse to do some thing upon request of some one but later on do the same thing even if not asked to do so for the second time (means u care about others evenif u show them that u don’t care)
• U r one who is considered bit proudy by others especially people who newly meet u deem u to be so
• Bit jealous too in fact most of ladies/women/girls are jealous up to any extent and u are also a girl so no exception in this case
• Thori si chewing gum type personality bhi hay app ki but u know ur limits mostly so her aik k sath chewing gum nahi banti an also not in every case.
• Do have some masculine mental approaches too (don’t ask me about its justification)
• About appearance Daiikhnay main apni age say bari he lagti hogi
• Good in reading what is being communicated between the lines
• Not much social person
• I think so u were an extremist in ur past and may be still u r same from inside, however ur general image shows u as a balanced person
• Have positively used ur past redemption(s)
• Mostly straight forward very rare diplomatic
• Tanz accha ker layti hoo
• Are one who prefer the priorities in life
• Do ask for clarification when people misunderstand u or when u find out that they are saying some thing between the lines
• For u appearance of others is their own matter (not to judge others on their apperience)
• Do like to judge others
• Don’t share ur bad time/redemptions etc with every one
• Very good sense of humor however don’t show it mostly
• When in mode to do some thing naughty then don’t even take care of ur image
• U like to experience real life more then artificial life-internet I meant
• Loves to share ur success/happiness with ur family and friends
• For u Love needs to be expressed whom ever is on the other side friend/family or some one special
• Bit curious but not towards every one and not for every thing
• Like to be more expressive then being talkative (means some times koi baat kerni hoo tu bajayeah baat kernay k ous say relevant koi literature/proverb/quotation etc aggaly ko day doo gi lolz)
• Believes that life is name of compromises
• First deserve then desire is a practicable rule for u
• In your view in a relationship understanding is 1st thing then comes trust and then comes the love
• Always have high expectations from others and if they cant do what u want from them it disappoint u
• Thori si juld baz hoo as hamesha aisa nahi hota k other person joe kehnay jar aha hoo woe app ous k kehnay say pehlay he jaan lain
• Though u are short tempered person but like every short tempered person u also don’t like short tempered people
• Bit self liberty lover (thanks for telling me the term lol but plz don’t mind that I used the same for u as almost every one is self liberty lover, so to what extent does matter only)
• You are one who defend your friends/family whenever required in other words u do like to be a shield for them .
• Want to be in touch with people u like in every condition.
• Normally don’t like people to interfere in your matters.
• I don’t know exactly but I think so that even u do have some opposite type of characteristics this cause u as different type of person. (majmooah-a-tizaad hay hasti meri)
• Whenever u indulge in any situation/task etc u indulge in it fully.
• U like to be approached by others mostly very rare that u urself approach any one and if u do so u mostly do it for once only.
• Normally when u leave some one its for final unless and until issue was not of much importance.
• Normally when heart u don’t do what u want to do especially when its between u and people u are attached with u in that circumstances
• U are one who strongly believes that what ever may happens happen for a reason.
• Not happy with ur profession and some times may be with your own self too.
• Some people have the habit to make fun with others but when others do same towards them they mind it and then get straight forward with others. to some extent u r also like this. It’s not a bad thing up to this extent as it helps u to keep others in their limits.
• Some times u seem as past lover.
• Seems like July 2010 onwards u start changing and changes are positive.
• Have almost 90% characteristics of your birth month.

<b>Overall u r a decent and mature lady</b>

Though I know what u will be thinking after reading all this yet I don’t think so u will take my judgment as some thing fishy. As I was unable to make ur judgment in the same way of sensible’s that’s why if I m right up to 50%-60% only then too its ok for me at least. I know u will not correct me where I was wrong to judge u so m not asking for it.

<b>Wish u best of luck in every field of life.</b>



• Selection of poetry and quotations etc always astonished me shows u r not a person who represent himself in the way he is in other words u do have deep and dual personality.
• Do have some positive characteristic(s)/habit(s)/act(s) up to extreme level (no one knows except u what it is and what its level is) if I am wrong to say this now then there will be time when this will prove right so wait and see till then.
• Do have very good sense of humor. In fact amazing sense of humor it is. But some times its not decent one and u never care about this.
• Extremist in a decent way mostly.
• Seem non curious about others but are curious about ur self.
• Some times moody person.
• Have 80-90 % qualities of ur birth month.
• Always have a shield in front of u whenever some one try to get closed with u.
• Want to be understood by people who u r and what u r but when some one tries to do so u mind it (to some extent at least).
• Some times not a good finisher in official work. (I meant about formalities and format requirements etc)
• Rules breaker or do think how to do so in secure and legal way.
• U have said u r a good liar as ur lies never got caught but I have doubt in it (lol u know the reason). It may have happened most of the time but not every time.
• Some times deliberately represent ur self in negative way.
• There is always difference in quality of things u do on ur own will and when are demanded to do so.
• Mature person with very few improvements required.
• U do take care of limits while talking/thinking about religion/nature etc and want same from others.
• Talkative and amazingly invite less issues to urself even after talking that much reason is simple u don’t talk about urself much.
• Some times get bored with routine life and then want things in totally opposite conditions.
• In process of change but it will take time for u to forget the past and live in present completely.
• Do or did have any sort of connection/link with people having different interests.
• Some people live life and some pretend to live in a very deceptive manner and some do both of these u know what is ur style of living.
• Creative but was surprising for me to know that u have just posted 4 topix on forum.
• Emotional very seldom.
• In sad mode, u talk about ur personal life (directly or indirectly)in the way u never were supposed to do so in normal mode.
• Seems like u don’t have excellent relationships with ur family especially father.
• Not satisfied with current financial position of urs.
• Secretive ( bit good in securing ur secrets too I meant the smell of secret)
• Link with spirituality
• Friend of friends (but important is that u feel them as friend first from ur side). Otherwise do have good hello/hi with people u meet and still its not friendship “Dost hotay nahi her hath milanay walay kay”
• Thing I like most in u is that u do try to tell ur friends where they are wrong or what is wrong in them in a decent manner (normally people don’t take such thing easy that’s y people like u don’t have much friends but u can be an exceptional case in this regard)
• Fun loving person mostly
• There comes time when u r u real u and at then u like to be isolated from others, strangers may be an exceptional case.
• If not at present then there would have been time in ur life when u were used to think dirty thoughts and I really mean dirty thoughts by this (lol)
• Bit jealous (may be at that time of jealousy u try to make urself understand that there is nothing to jealous about)
• Very much selective in friendship. Its not like this that become friend with every one who approaches u in fact u urself step towards the person with whom u want to be friend and mostly succeed to do so.
• Bit stubborn
• seems ur own self
• Walk with people with pure heart only.
• Mostly straight forward.
• Divided between practical life as well as past life and past felt disturbing some times.
• Dreams a lot, in fact a day dreamer
• Want to live life to its full, no limitations, no rules and no lectures
• Bit Self liberty lover
• Do have ur own way to care about
• Mostly lazy in action
• Too much romantic in fact a creative romantic (one who thinks inventions in how to do romance lol).
• Should have film hero like looks or have adopted same
• Friendly in nature.
• Much interested in opposite gender (but of course for fun only (fun for urself or for others doesn’t matter))
• No self ego while having fun.
• Too much possessive
• Memories are an important asset for u
• Don’t take care of limits imposed by others.
• Are responsive most of times even if don’t want to do so properly unless its some thing personal.
• Don’t care about others’ comments unless you yourself want to care about.
• Some where inside a sensitive person.
• Know who to get frank with people and how to make them talk.
• Bold/truth speaker up to bit harsh level
• Don’t open ur heart in front of others that early and that easily.

Aik baat tu bataoo woe lerki kon thi?

I haven’t read ur posts in the way I have read sensible’s and anamz’ (lerkiyoon ki dafa zara careful hona perta hay bhai tumhari tu khair hay na lolz) have just gambled (means assumed whatever is written above on base of those routine posts of urs I have read) so lets see either I am right (to whatever extent) or lets have some fun lol.

Am not saying u anything but hope so samjh tu app gaye hogay lolz



<b>Anamz dear </b>

inthe ka jawab pather say day he diyeah na lolz kidding only

app apni judgement ka last para perh loo,
jab main nay sensible ki judgement ki thi tab he kaha tha k i'm interested to judge three people of forum only one were u, other was yasir and last one is wardah will post about her on monday or wednesday
baqi k sawaloon k jawab app k appnay question main hain

and yes u were right i havent written every thing yet about u and yasir

actually have to write a topic on <b>"4D"</b> app ko us main kuch na kuch required mil he jayega (infact woe topic bohat saray loggon ko cover karay ga jin main app teeno bhi shamil hogay) and that will be surely last judgement on forum.

questions u asked are
why its me????? Why you wrote so much on me, why you took, the bolder step that you posted a sole topic, only on my name??????????????????????????,

Answers are

why its me?
When i wrote on sensible i mentioned then that i m interested to judge three persons only one was u,yasir and wardah

Why i wrote so much on you?
I wrote almost same quantity of text on yasir and sensible too

why i took, the bolder step that i posted a sole topic, only on your name?
Answer is in front of u, At 1st topic name was Anam now its Anam,Yasir and in few days hopefully it will be Anam,Yasir and Wardah (Yasir abb khush ho jaooo lol)
hope so ur quries resolved now if not then wait (obviously for the <b>4D</b> (Yasir lol))


- Sarfaraz Khan - 11-04-2010

abe kia hai ye O..

- ciapk - 11-04-2010

Good effort kasim, I found her mostly the same as you mentioned.

- Sarfaraz Khan - 11-04-2010

bare himat hai ciapk bhai ..pora parh liaO..m still surprise koi serif aek larki pai etna bara mazmoon b aek sans main likh sakta haiOOO...

- ciapk - 11-04-2010

Kasim likh sakta hay as pehlay wo sensible pay bhi aik chapter likh chuka hay or shaid next yasir ya wardah ki bari ho phir ho skta hay aap ki bari bhi aa jay. -)

- yasir_live - 11-04-2010

Bohat Time hay Public k pass )

Anyways, Kasim main nay parha nahi tumnay kya kya likha hay, Lakin wakt guzarnay do logon k comments say andaza hoga k tumnay sahi likha hay ya ghalat likha hay. But agar ghalat bhi likha hay tu chances hain k sab ko sahi lagay Kyun k mindset ka bhi game hay bohat xiada.....sab k zehan main yeh baat hay k tum judgement kartay ho.........U know apnay favorite singers k ganay shruu bhi nahi hotay aur tum pasand karrna lag jatay ho kyun k woh ek mindset buna hota hay aap ka.

But overall U make me surprised once again........Pehlay sensible per aur abb anam per itni bari tamheed. Agr tu sahi likha hay Tu bhaiyya tumharay tu Parathay pakain hain )


- raza 123 - 11-04-2010

-( Tissue

- Sarfaraz Khan - 11-04-2010

nak pochne hai ye anso???D..

@kasim bhai...
etnai bare mazmooon main to teen char bachain nimat sake hain $..kion raza??$...

- raza 123 - 11-04-2010

hahahahaha P Apni soch kitni milti julti hai P

- ciapk - 11-04-2010

Bhai loog forum ki purani n sanjeeda members k liay tu bachi jaisay words na use kia kro km sy km.

- yasir_live - 11-04-2010


- Sarfaraz Khan - 11-04-2010

ahahahahahahaha ciapk bhai larkian khud b kushhote hain ye sun karp

qalib bhi kia khub k gayeP...

bachai barai ho kar mard ban jatai han...
or bachain bachi ki bachaiin he rahte hain P..

- raza 123 - 11-04-2010

Bachiaaan PPP sarfaraz kia kahun yaar bachioon pe tu me 100 page ki debate kerdu P P

- Sarfaraz Khan - 11-04-2010

or nahi to kia 'Bachioon' aek aesa topic hai jis par jitna chaye kaha jai likha jai kam hai $..u know ap jitna es par research kartai ho witna app new new chezain jan patai hoP...aesa main nai raza sochta hai ..main to aek shref adme hn $

- yasir_live - 11-05-2010

Kasim bhaiyya tum sirf bachion per hi kyun apni judgement try kartay ho......bachion k ilawa yahan kuch male members bhi hain jo kai kai saalon say forum per hain.......jesay Ciapk, Awais, kamiACA, Toronto and so on. lakin tumhara kalam likhta hay tu sirf bachion k liay kisi aur k liay kyun nahi ??? her waqt Bachian or Bachian.............


Main nahi samajta k tumhain yeh lafz "Bachi" use bhi karna chaiya forum per. Main CIapk k Vichaar say mutaffiq hun k humain forum per khyaal rakhna chaiyay aur esay lafzon ka istimaal karnay say ijtinaab karna chaiyay.