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interview call frm KPMG or FRSH (Islamabad) - MR.AKH - 11-04-2010

i recieved a call from FRSH my interview is on saturday 11 AM
if anyone else got the call than plzz reply
and what about KPMG did they call anyone
I am talking about islamabad offices

- bilalazim1 - 11-04-2010

nope no call yet
when did u get the call ?

- MR.AKH - 11-04-2010

i recieved the call yesterday (NOV 3)at about 6 PM

- bilalazim1 - 11-06-2010

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, san" id="quote">quote<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by MR.AKH</i>
<br />i recieved the call yesterday (NOV 3)at about 6 PM
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how was ur interview tday ? MR.AKH

- MR.AKH - 11-07-2010

the interview was just a salam dua nothing more 3 minutes interview thats all
he saked me wether i applied in AFF and taseer hadi,why FRSH,how my papers went, will i pass them and at last told that next week will be your final interview and than they will tell me if they will keep me or not

- alihassan1414 - 11-08-2010

interveiwer told me that if you r selected 4 second one then u wiil be called probablly on monday or tuesday
.............Exactly it was just a salam dua no technical questions.

- alihassan1414 - 11-08-2010

waiting for call

- paradigm - 11-11-2010

from what i know the orientation of new trainees already started on 1st Nov. who took your interview ?

- alihassan1414 - 11-11-2010

I dont know the name of the interviewer ......but there was approx 35 student who interviewed last saturday.......

- alihassan1414 - 11-11-2010

i,m takling about frsh not kpmg

- alihassan1414 - 11-11-2010

MR AKH....have u recived call for second one or not....

- MR.AKH - 11-11-2010

i am still waiting i think theyll call today or tomorrow after that chances are rare good luck
what about u?

- alihassan1414 - 11-11-2010

still waiting........i think they will call after eid.......i,ll call them tomorrow to of luck.....

- A.A - 11-12-2010

CA people's interviews at KPMG Islamabad have begun because I got a call late in the evening today for 1st interview tomorrow.Was asked to bring CV and pic.

- MR.AKH - 11-14-2010

i gave my interview on friday in KPMG office
and heared that FRSH has called for 2nd interview