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Should I do a CFA w/ MBA or CA/CMA/CGA? - mchoch - 11-16-2010 05:12 PM

Hi everyone,

I am a first year Accounting student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and I do plan on getting my Accounting degree, but at SFU. Also I plan on minoring in HR (is possible) or finance. My dilemma here is that after talking to a lot of people, accounting (any designation) is REALLY boring and I just do not know if the opportunity cost of the time and boringness of the job is worth it VS going for an MBA with a CFA. With my education path set, I need some knowledgable people who have any of the designations or people in the industry to enlighten me and help me make the right decision without regrets when I'm 30 years old and hating my job as well life. Thanks!

So with that said here are some of my possible paths

1)CA- worth the time & money invested?
Yes I have read a few articles on this, but I need some real HONEST advice. Is the 3 years of 'slave work' really worth it? Also if I do go for my CA what are my options, by that I mean what jobs can I expect that may be less boring and also what salaries should I expect?

2) If not CA, go with a CGA/CMA?
If i dont go with the CA, I will go with either the CGA or CMA and I've read that if I go with this route, it's generally faster and less opportunity costs are brought upon, but what are my career paths and salaries I should expect? As well should I get my MBA or CFA after getting the CGA or CMA?

3) Can the accounting and go with a CFA with a MBA.
So if you guys provide me with enough evidence that accounting really is not worth the time and if you had a choice, you would go into something else because it's really boring, I will go with this. But with that said, what jobs am I looking to expect to get and salaries, once again. Also should I do the MBA first then CFA? I've read you need work experience before the MBA as well, so maybe I will work in an accounting firm before to see how it is.

To conclude, those are my 3 options at this moment. I've got a long time to think about this, but I like to set goals and achieve them and with the right support or guidance I usually achieve them. So please give me some TRUTH in the industry and not just biase opinions. As well, If accounting really is worth it, WHY? because doesn't someone in i-banking(dont know what that is but read about it) or is an analyst make more than some CAs? Thanks all for your time! I may post this in the career section as well so sorry if that is a bother!