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All about FIA , new entry level course from ACCA - ahmadbilal06 - 12-19-2010

Hi guys,

i need to know more about FIA (fundamentals in accounting) its a new course recently announced by ACCA Global. They say it has 7 CBEs and after that u shift to F4 paper in ACCA. All CAT student will be shifted to FIA if they do not complete until june , 2011. no loss of passed papers will be done, though.

Now, the thing is, i m gonna appear in T1,2,3 in january. but some ppl r confusing me n saying that dont submit ur fee, u just give T4,5,6,7 directly, pay exemption fee for ACCA F123 papers n reach F4 in june. is it possible?
also give me as much details about FIA as u ppl have.

thanx and regards

- tariqsohail - 12-19-2010

Please send email to ACCA with all your queries and hopefully you will get your answer in 2-3 days and that answer will be a solid answer and not based on rumours.


- arbab.umair - 01-02-2011

Sorry for interrupting same Question is CAT is shifting into Cat im about take admission this Monday which is tommrow so need help do i take admission or wait for Fia CAMS. giving admission in CAT but i heard alot about FIA taking place of CAT after June 2011 is that true .. Need urgent responce.