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ACCA or CFA - ahacca - 01-02-2011

Hi Everybody,

This is Anwar from Bangladesh. I'm going through a little bit difficulty about which one to start between ACCA and CFA as I would like to pursue either of these. My weakness is for CFA but many of you address it as very difficult. On the other hand if I fail to pass a Level of CFA I will have to lose a minimum of BDT.50000 to 70000 at a time. I think it also time consuming. So CFA will consume more money as well as time than that of ACCA. Moreover I would go for CFA as it is more related to my job, but where I get assurance of getting pass. If I give proper concentration will it be possible? I have another intention for migration to Australia or Canada only as a highly respected professional (so that I get a position as well as make a lot savings after consumption). So which of CFA and ACCA will be more preferable for this purpose. I know before giving solution u need to know about my background. That is below (My present Qualification)

BBA (Hon) and MBA in Accounting & Information Systems from Rajshahi University.

Present Position MTO in a 3rd Generation Private Commercial Bank.

Age 29

Note My focal point is about pass of CFA. Will it be impossible beside my profession?

Would you please give me the suggestion(s) so that I can make a very effective decision for my future career? I'll be waiting for a very good reply.

Thanks 'n Regards,