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ICAEW in Pakistan - A.A - 01-08-2011

Salam!I need to know three things
1.Can ICAEW be started in Pakistan right after A'Levels?If yes,please explain the course of action.
2.I have heard about a double exemption rule that no CA body awards exemptions twice.Does this mean that an ACCA student who gets exemptions for corresponding ICAEW papers and becomes an E&W CA,will be unable to become a member of ICAP without passing all ICAP papers unlike others who started ICAEW directly?Or am I misinterpreting the rule?
3.Last,please explain the route and time-frame that an ACCA qualified student would take to 1st become member of ICAEW and then of ICAP,in Pakistan.Any info about the institutes that offer tuition and prospective hurdles etc would be helpful.AFF doesn't offer ICAEW articles.I have heard that E & Y n Deloitte offer amended contracts but am not sure.
Would be grateful for quick replies.As you can probably guess,most ACCA students now need to know about this since most colleges will now apparently take the ICAEW route after the change in ICAP's ACCA exemption policy and I need to know the pros and cons for my sibling and friends.Thanks!

- m.umarfarooq - 01-13-2011

ICP;s new policy will implement from 5 april 2011.....better u should open acca n icaew website n match papers...shortly....if u have done 14 acca papers ....including optional p6 advance taxation n p7 advance u wll have to give 2 icaew papers n one case study....for icaew qualification....
but in pakistan it is very difficult to get contracts for icaew trainee

- Alimaq9 - 02-13-2012

please refer to the following


- A.A - 02-14-2012


- Dard - 02-14-2012

1. Yes, ICAEW can be started after A levels.However, no tuition provider provides tuition of first two stages of ICAEW. Exams for these stages are not held in Pakistan. You will have to go to dubai to sit for the exams.
2. Sometime ago when someone had inquired ICAP about the double membership rule, he was informed that it does not matter if you gain ICAEW membership through a reciprocal agreement with another body. The rule may have changed now. Please ask ICAP's office.
3. An ACCA affiliate will have to start training as an ICAEW trainee and will have to pass 3 papers of ICAEW. Assuming one passes the papers during training, it will take 3 years to qualify.
EnY does provide ICAEW training. I am not sure about Deloitte. There are some small and medium firms which provide ammended ICAEW training as well.
There may also be an exemption fee for ICAEW papers now. There was no exemption fee for ACCA students until last year.

- A.A - 02-16-2012

Thank you for your reply.I hope students will benefit from this information.So many changes have taken place for ACCA students in this 1 year since the topic was posted.Somebody posted ICAP's reply on a similar query a while ago which,if I remember correctly, mentioned that people who become ICAEW members indirectly e.g through ACCA, will not be eligible for ICAP's membership.