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Career in RAS...guidance needed - hammadjv - 03-27-2011

Alhumdulillah i have been selected at A F Ferguson and will be starting my articleship shortly. Im an ACCA Affiliate (will be doing CA as well) and have been selected as a trainee for Risk Advisory Services (RAS). Affco has told me that they will give us a bit of audit exposure.
I wish to ask Kamran Bhai and other senior members to just give me an insight of the future prospect after being trained in RAS. I don't have much interest in audit though so in a way RAS is perfect. But i don't have any idea about the type of future career i might have and in particular in which sectors.
Kamran bhai kindly help me out. Hoping to hear from you.
Thank you.

- imdad1 - 04-04-2011

Dear Hammad.
hope you are well.First of all congratulations for being part of most prestigious Institute of accountancy in the world.Coming to you question regarding your prospects as a trainee in RAS.I have no doubts saying that you will learn alot and will love the working routine.The issue is RAS people find job difficult in Dubai..and the reason for this is Ras is developing in Pakistan and old CAs abroad are in Audit firm.So firms abroad are preety comfortable in hiring people in audit than in ras.But surely you have good job market prospects in pakistan.The most ideal scenerio is you do some audit client to understand the overall structure and how it works.atleast you should do every portion ones.than go ahead with ras.It will also help you in working at RAS.I am well aware that at AFF you will be left with little choice in choosing between audit and ras.but dont worry you can always present your case to the manager that your main focus is ras but side by side you wish to work on audit client so they will surely rotate you to audit at half yearly or year end.

- hammadjv - 04-15-2011

1st of all im really sorry for not thanking you for your reply earlier...been a little busy with work D...your words have been really comforting for me and i appreciate your humble reply...thank you again...i just wish to know one more think if you may help me with it...after completing my articles in RAS...would it be possible for me to move towards financial side...say in transaction advisory or finance department of a bank or company... Thank you once again.

- imdad1 - 04-18-2011


RE: Career in RAS...guidance needed - Usman1234 - 03-13-2015

Any qualified CA ,plz reply. how regular should our studies be and how should we attempt papers? i know many people has done this although there are negative talkers, so i shall welcome positive replies. kamran bhai ya mansoor zaigham sahb, i expect special replies from you.