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ICAEW OR CPA - shabraatee - 07-13-2004

i was just curious in last few days that which of the two qualifications i.e ICAEW and CPA is best. i mean whats the comparison of these two with the statistical data and reality based facts. I need some guidance in this regard.

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- sumaaan - 07-13-2004

If you're planning to move to USA or Canada, CPA should be your first and only choice.

For Europe and other rest of Asia, etc, ICAEW is better.

For the Middle East, either one of them!

- jbladeus - 07-14-2004

Although ICAEWs still command respect, most of the job ads in the middle east ask for a CPA these days.

Arrrgh... it sure's gonna be mighty rough sailin' today ... mates!

- Moon - 07-21-2004

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In my opinion, both the qualifications are equivalent as regards the importance in their respective countries for example, in pakistan CA from ICAP is more demanding than ACCA, likewise both are professional institutes having showing significance in their respective environment.

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