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Stipend @ Top firms???? - dustgir - 04-06-2011

How much do big4 (and also top 5 firms after big4) firms pay as stipend to c.a inter students?

- m.umarfarooq - 04-06-2011

its fixed by

- dustgir - 04-06-2011

Nd how much is paid to acca students during training?
Is it necessary to enter into a 3.5 years contract of training with top 10 firms? Can any1 do an internship of 1 to 2 years (for experience purpose) without signing the contract if he/she is not to appear in final stage exams of c.a?
Nd dear m.umarfarooq from which firm u r doing the article ship?

- m.umarfarooq - 04-07-2011

i have not started yet...waiting for the interview call....but its written in icap's website that rs.6500 is fixed for CA inter students...acca qualified students usually get rs.6500 in starting...friends of mine told me...n it depends on firms how long they wish to retain trainees...n big 4 firms usually do contract of 3 yearz....( for ACCA )...bcz if u go in pwc or deloitte u will have to enroll in CA....e n y and kpmg has some relaxations....

- dustgir - 04-07-2011

Good luck m.umarfarooq
one of my friends told me that he is getting 14,000 as stipend during article ship at KPMG.
I dont know whether he is saying right or not.
and also tell me , does a past training experience (of 1.5 years) at a chartered firm helps in getting article ship at big4?

- m.umarfarooq - 04-09-2011

stipend increases step by ur frnd might be earning its not a big deal....
n yes it can give u some edge while ur interview....bcz if u know something so definitely u wont waste time while training....

- dustgir - 04-10-2011

While being in training, are there any chances of getting employed at any firm's client or at any advertised job in newspaper?
In such a case do firms allow their trainees to do the job?

- m.umarfarooq - 04-10-2011

it depends,,,,CA is bound to complete 3.5 yearz articles...n for ACCA u may go ...but if u have good relation with ur audit manager n senior...bcz Practical Experience Return is approved by ur audit manager......

- bilalfca - 04-21-2011

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<br />its fixed by
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ICAP has fixed min. stipend that is Rs. 7,100...


U'll earn 7100 till u get qualification of Module E, after qualification it'll increase upto Rs. 10,000.. and finally, when u qualify Module F, the firm will pay u Rs. 25000!

besides, (i was told by a friend) the firm will pay u daily during Audit (i don't know whether it is correct or not).


- Dard - 04-21-2011

The stipend is not fixed at Rs 6,500 for C.A trainees. This is the minimum stipend that must be paid to a C.A trainee.
You also get Travel/Daily Allowance, usually 200rs per audit day.

- FARHAN123 - 04-22-2011

Can some one do article ship in CA firm on basis of Bcom ? Will he get completion of articles certificate after 4 or 5 years ?

- m.umarfarooq - 04-22-2011

on the basis of bcom u may do internship in audit firm....which is very difficult nowadays

- Dard - 04-23-2011

Yeah can do Articleship in a training firm on the basis of B.Com without the need to get registered with C.A.

- masroorahmed - 04-24-2011

can any one tell me wats da diff in foundation and intermediate of CA ,,,, foundation means konse module or paper and intermediate means kon se module or paper,,

i knw this is sily question but i ve an ACCA background,,

- Dard - 04-24-2011

Foundation means Modules A and B. Intermediate means Modules C and D.