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How to prepare for AFF's entrance test - mariaanwer - 04-11-2011

how to prepare for A.F Ferguson's test? key areas to be tested?

- basit_namdar - 04-11-2011

they are not conducting any test in karachi office atleast. Dont know. Just read financial accounting auditing and law. Also some general stuff like idioms GK etc

- masroorahmed - 04-11-2011

also refer the current issues , like wats going in ARab world ,,, and gain confidence this is also one of the grey area to be tested in Interview,,, the knowledge of given firm , the obvious Question like ,,, Who is Mariaanwar and why we should select you ,, then u ll ve to evaluate urself there,,,,
hope this is a bit detailed , which was not actually asked by u ,the more specific is the basitnamdar ones ,,,

- mariaanwer - 04-11-2011

thanks.the test is expected to be conducted in rwp-isl by the end of this week.

- A.A - 04-11-2011

Please read the above to get an idea of AFF and KPMG Islamabad test contents.Best of luck!

- arshad15 - 04-12-2011

anyone received call for test from AFF islamabad?

- mariaanwer - 04-12-2011

[quote]<i>Originally posted by A.A</i>
<br />http//
Please read the above to get an idea of AFF and KPMG Islamabad test contents.Best of luck!

Thank you so much A.A,it was really very helpful.God bless )

- arshad15 - 04-12-2011

Yar what the hell is this.... I got a call from ferguson islamabad to submit documents tomorrow (13-04-2011). Phir thori dair baad phir caal aayee that you are not eligible to apply on the basis of the fact that i already applied in the last session and was not called after final interview. Yar yeh kia. Last time, i passed the written test, passed the 1st interview and was called for 2nd interview but was not intimated after the 2nd interview whether i am selected or not. At least mujhay phir try to karnay dia jaye. what a policy, cant understand. pehley caal aati hai k documents submit karnay aajao, phir phone aata hai k na aaow. -(

- Dard - 04-13-2011

That's sad. But the policy is there You can only apply once a year.

- m.umarfarooq - 04-14-2011

oohhhhooo...yeh too bad scene ha yaar....

- A.A - 04-17-2011

Please check out the following links for test and interview details.They contain detailed discussions about test and interview contents and the overall process.It might seem alot but most of us have read all these postsStart in the following order

You must go through all the posts of at least the first two links and then if you have got enough time,proceed further.Good luck!

- mariaanwer - 04-17-2011

@A.A thanks.

- A.A - 04-19-2011

Most welcome!

- A.A - 04-25-2011

Best of luck for tomorrow!

- mariaanwer - 04-27-2011

okay..da test went ok-ish.difficulty level was average..infact it wasn't as tough as i had expected it to be. i guess my prep wasnt dat good P