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Forum Members' Alert: Spammers; & Phishers! - Muhammad Adnan Arshad - 05-07-2011

Dear Members! Check this out, what is going on here on the accountancy forum, now. I've just received a personal message from the forum member "ABAABA", yesterday. Read out the e-mail text copied and pasted here. and give your remarks. Thanks

Sent From Accountancy Forum by abaaba
Sent Friday, May 06, 2011 32638 PM

Hello Muhammad Adnan Arshad

You received the following message from abaaba (

At http//

My Dear,

I am Ms. Tina Koutoua Tegro a Daughter to late Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Koutoua Tegro, an Ivoirine National of abidjan cote d`ivoire. In my country now we have a political crises which have lead to a big war in my country and my father was killed two months ago. i am right now search for a person to help me transfer the money (USD$5.000,000 00 dollars =5m.dollars) left in a bank in Malaysia for me by my father.
I am contacting you to help me transfer this money to your country for investment with your help so that i can travel out from my country to safe my life and to meet you to help me invest this money. Please and please copy my private email below use it to reply me very urgent ( ) for further detail.
Thanks and God bless you
Sincerely Yours
Tina. --- abaaba (