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Costing Should i take refresher course ? - cs007 - 05-20-2011

Hello.. i have got a refer in Costing mar 2011 attempt .. i am currently inducted at AFF Karachi and wanted to consult that whther i should take Refresher or not ? My office hours are 8.30 to 5.30 and i am planning to take course form Tsa .Plz guide me whether i should take it or not ?

- saadleo - 05-20-2011

Hello cs007, My name Saad and i am doing my articles from AFF isb office. I wouldnt recommend a refresher rather i would suggest that you get a decent 20 days leave before the attempt and Study ur notes (which u obviuosly would have prepared in the last attempt) and do all the past papers in descending format (Starting from March 2011 Attempt..). Try to copy the examiner in terms of formats etc as shown in the suggested answers but do the questions with your own understanding. Make sure that you Do those Papers atleast two times. That'll be all for you at this level. Wish you best of luck.


Muhammad Saad Zia

- saadleo - 05-20-2011

And one thing More, Study the the last 5 year question papers and Evaluate the trend of questions. Examiner tends to stick to the trend in Cost Accounting Paper.