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worth of CIA in Pakistan - khawar - 07-31-2004

Can anyone tell me is it really worh anything doing CIA in pakistan!

- Azeem Shah Khan - 08-28-2004

not really

its worth joining CIA (Intelligence Unit)........lots of money in it

- Pracs - 09-08-2004

It is still considerd to be a specialisation degree in Pakistan, so most CIAs in Pakistan would have a CA to go with,.. or for that matter an accountancy firm articles and experience. I cannot say anything on its stand alone value (especially for a fresh graduate)

"Allah does not change the state of people unless they change what is within themselves" Quran 1311

- jbladeus - 09-10-2004

Yes, as Pracs said that its still considered a specialisation qualification, although i've observed that there seems to be some sort of realisation for it in among the multinationals. Like a friend who works in Siemens was "encouraged" (read ordered) to do CIA if he wanted to go higher up on the corporate ladder of that company.

Arrrgh... it sure's gonna be mighty rough sailin' today ... mates!

- Ehrar_ACMA - 09-27-2004

Dear Mr. Khawar

I appreciate ur efforts for CIA qualification. But as far as future is concern , alone CIA is not enough for better job..IT does not mean CIA it self has no values in market....actually I m in a banking sector wat i heared.......There is only two CIAs in Habib Bank ..they respect CIA/CISA qualifcation due to Aghga Khan descrimination becoz its representative are their person.....Agha Khan hospital have CIAs....tapal tea ..tehy prefer CIAs...Orix Leasing com....etc..this qualifaction is being developed & have good future becoz there is no internal audit certification in pakistan ... I thing , mostly empolyer need CISA /CIA qualified person with job experience in audit or IS audit...but they do not find employee as per their requirement.....It is better do CIA , it is very short join any firm for ue practice where u should try to learn accounting system & cycle with IS audit ...then after u will bae absorbed eaily in the organization on having 1-2 yrs exp. with CIA...but do not stop after CIA try to do ACCA/CISA after that, the best combination for good future....Why u should not stop after CIA, becoz no. of students(CA-inter or finalist) dishearted by ICAP system are in the market who can do the same job better then a CIA can do...they are equal competetive qualification as far as Internal Audit is concern.............


Kh. Ehrar Hasan

- Atique - 10-12-2004

Thanks for the detailed reply Ehrar.
Atique Naimet